Friday, June 10, 2005

My poor little durango

A couple days ago I was at the Dodge dealership trying to get my check engine light all figured out. They couldn't service my durango because they didn't take our fleet card. Bummer. So I go to back out of the service area (its in downtown Saline - there's not a whole lot of room there, and for those of you who don't know, the Durango isn't a small vehicle) and I back into a #$@(#$& light post. DAMMIT!

It jacked my rear fender, quarterpanel and lights up on the passenger side pretty darn good. Enough so that its going to take a while to fix. I feel so bad! I love that stupid truck. I was heartbroken to leave it at the shady body shop. The guy must have noticed because he told me before I left that visitation hours were from 8-5 everyday :) So now i'm stuck with a rental. Its a Ford Expedition. Hugemongo - but still a Ford. I guess somethings never die - love GM, hate Ford......but somehow Dodges are OK too.

But I digress. I really felt like a huge idiot running into a light post. But to my defense, the pole was directly hidden by one of the pilars in my car, so I completely could not see it. still feel like a dork, but I suppose if I had intended to run into it they would call them "on purposes" instead of accidents.

I'm on my way.....

My boss let me know last night that my offer letter is finished. Thats a good thing seeing that it only went back and forth once - which means that all the little details are worked out :)

I actually haven't recieved the offer yet, but at least I know its coming! Which means, I will soon be able to list the house! MEXICO AND A NEW LIFE - HERE I COME!!!!!!

Also, I'm typing this from the inside of my car - in the parking lot of Starbucks! I must say that wireless internet and laptops ROCK! The only thing cooler would be a blackberry, but apparantly I'm not high enough on the totem pole to get one of those yet!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Alas, another update

Not too much is occurring in the world o' Mexico - I'm still waiting for my offer letter so I can get our darn house on the market and get this gig moving!

In the meantime, there have been other developments in my life. Most significantly, the decision to end my almost 4 year marriage with Troy.

I won't go into all the details here - but just know it all came down to children, family, lifestyle and most of all, my instinct. I think if I really would have listened to myself years ago, we wouldn't be facing this tribulation now.

We're still amicable, and I still have an amazing respect for him. Hopefully things will all go smoothly and we can part ways and still be friends at some point down the road.