Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Back 2 Life, Back 2 Reality

Boy, being on medical leave for two weeks really spoiled me. Today is my first real day back at work. I kinda sorta worked yesterday, but not really. The U of M engineering career fair is more fun than work, and I was only there for a couple hours because of my bum knee. Its hard work standing up all the time; especially since most of the past two weeks was spent on my arse!

Anyway, returning to work is a drag. There is a pile of messages and bills and paperwork a mile high that is just calling my name. I think I actually might stay until 7 or 8 pm tonight to try to get a handle on things. At least that will give me a couple hours where my phone won't ring! Its driving me nuts!

I got my stitches out yesterday, and the scar isn't all that bad. Its about four inches long, but really thin. Not that I'm all that concerned about it - I already had a plethora of scars on my knees from being a graceful kid. Hey, and I didn't even pass out when they took them out!

Monday, September 19, 2005

no pain, no gain

I had my first physical therapy session on Thursday, my second today. Both sessions involved cursing the physical therapist and swearing, and also crying. I realize that it is all helping my knee, but it still really bites my ass.

The past week has been trying - and my back hurts even with the new couch. Pat O'Brien says its too soft; but really, if you sit on your arse for 7 days straight I think that any couch is going to hurt your back.

Anyway, back to my trying week. OK - honestly, how trying can it be with a really hunky man with a stubble beard waiting on you hand and foot? Its not that bad at all :) Even if it is just for the eye candy! Really, its sooo nice having someone to help me out, but at the same time I get really frustrated depending on someone.

The week was spent watching a ton of movies, playing XBOX, reading smut magazines and general lounging around. Oh, and we did get a chance to get in two spankings (get your mind out of the gutter)- U of M shaming EMU and the Bears trouncing the Lions. I also managed to get hooked on the Sopranos. I watched the first season and part of the second. This is troublesome seeing as how I tend to resist seeing things that are super popular. Its also troublesome because I don't cable let alone HBO. Oh well, I still have a while - three and a half more seasons :)

BTW. Today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Arrrrr.

Please enjoy quite possibly my favorite joke, but by far my favorite pirate joke. Courtesy of Pat O'Brien.
A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel attached to his crotch. Bartender says "Hey, matey, whats with the steering wheel?"
Pirate replies, "Arrrrrrr. It's drivin' me nuts!"

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Oh the PAIN!!!!

OK, I'm back. Yesterday was a heck of a day. Pat O'Brien took me to the hospital about 5:45AM or so, and I was processed right away. I was actually quite impressed with the efficiency of the hospital. I was back in Pre-op by 6:30, and in the operating room by 7:30 - right on schedule. I was first for the day, so my surgeon showed up in jeans, a big belt buckle holding an apple. It was good to say hi right before though. Seemed like a nice enough guy.

The person we spent the most time with was the anesthesiologist (sp?) resident who took care of me. He was a big dude, which looked hilarious since he was wearing a colorful surgical hat with monkeys all over. The big dude (Jason was his name, I think) talked me into having an epidural instead of a general anesthesia - even though I was pretty much dead set against it before I arrived. Turned out to be a great idea - I thought if I chose the epidural I would be awake and freaking out, but I ended up being sedated and put to sleep, I just woke up and didn't have any nausea or anthing. It was a wise decision, I highly reccomend it.

I really didn't get a chance to freak out - I was pretty darn proud of myself. Pat O'Brien got to stay with me through Pre-op, and by time I left to go to the operating room I was feeling pretty happy with some relaxing drugs, so it was easy to leave :)

After the surgery was all done, there really wasn't any pain because everything was still asleep. Although, it was weird waiting for my butt and legs to "come to". My butt was the last to get feeling. I guess usually your toes get awake first, and then works its way up, but I was opposite - it went thighs, hips, calves, toes then butt. I guess I've never been one to be conventional.

And, I almost passed out like three times during recovery. Don't really know why - I guess I'm just a sissy. My blood pressure at the lowest was 70/40; freaked the nurse and Pat out a little bit, but I fought the urge and didn't lose conciousness.

OK - time to take more drugs and sleep. Thanks to all who have sent well wishes - it means a lot to have people thinking of me :)

Monday, September 12, 2005

Twas the night before surgery.....

Sheesh. I figured I would be freaking out by now. I'm really not. Its officially midnight, which means its past my "Do not eat after this time" time. I can't have water after 4AM. I'm debating wether or not I should even go to bed! I have to be at U of M by 6AM - the surgery is scheduled at 7:30AM. So, when you wake up, say a quick prayer for me :)

For those that don't know the procedure, the surgeon is taking a tendon from my patella (knee cap) and making a fake ACL to attach to my femur and fibula so my leg bones stay together and I can eventually have some turning action in my leg. Right now, forward and backward is OK, its the side to side or turning motions that kill me!

Anywho - back to why I'm not freaking out. I think part of the reason why I'm so calm about everything is Pat O'Brien's influence. He's got a laid back calming vibe about him. Earlier today, I started freaking out a bit - so I told him I'm really nervous about tomorrow......so, he said, "well, worry about it tomorrow :)" and then gave me a big bear hug. Funny how something so simple can make me really forget my fear, if only for a moment, and be able to laugh and smile!

I'm so very fortunate that he was able to come take care of me for the week. I can think of better ways to spend my vacation than to take care of an invalid! So, not only is he using vacation time to take care of me; there's more! Here's the kicker.......he gave up his Bears vs. Lions tickets for this Sunday's game at Soldier Field. I told him he's crazy - and I also said that he's a better person than me because I don't know if I'd be able to do the same! I have to admit though - it made me feel pretty good.

Speaking of feeling good....I'm pretty sure I'll have vicodin when I come home, but last time I had that (when my wisdom teeth were pulled) I really didn't like it too much. Sure, it makes the pain go away, or makes you not mind the pain, rather. But I really don't like that loopy feeling that makes me out of control. I suppose I'm too much of a control freak - suprise suprise! This is also the reason why I'll never become and alcoholic/drug abuser - I can't give up that much control!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Oh my aching back!

Well, I made a big decision. It only took me two days and three stores! Its a world record! And really, it may not seem like a big deal, but about two weeks ago I had a mental break down because I couldn't decide which pots and pans set to purchase. Its hard to do after having someone to corroborate with for such a long time!

Let me explain - Troy got most of the big goods, since I was going to store most of my stuff anyway and get a furnished apartment. What he didn't take with him, we sold this summer. Turns out, furnished apartments aren't as readily available in Mexico as I thought, and Holcim doesn't store stuff anymore. For the sake of keeping my parent's garage clear, I figured I should get some stuff to furnish my place.

I currently have a couch and chair that is really quite adorable - its a bamboo Florida set circa 1960 or so (original orange and brown flower print - way cool). Its in great shape, and is functional, and I recovered it to match the decor. As I spend more time sitting on the couch (since I now have wireless at the house and its hard to pry myself from the internet....I mean, work), I've been realizing that my back is seriously killing me before I go to bed. It just dawned on me that it was the couches! I knew they were uncomfortable, but I didn't really think they were causing me pain!

So, I figured since I'm going to be spending a significant amount of time lounging on the couch watching TV after my surgery, I really should have something more comfortable, and something that I can take to Mexico that will last a few years. Nothing too fancy or expensive. After much searching - I found the number above at Value City! And, its microfiber so the cat hair won't stick as much! AND - ITS RED! They had a few different colors, including the nice beige above - but I'm coming to realize I'm really not that much of a beige girl. I'm vibrant :) So my couch obviously should match! Unfortunately, the ottoman wasn't in stock, so I'll have to wait to get that, but its sooo cute! I'll get it on Wednesday - the day after the surgery. I'll probably be drugged up on Vicodin, but I'll be super duper comfey!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Update on knee, Mexico, etc.

My desire to keep this blog updated has dwindled, it seems. But, I've been under a lot of stress moving back into my house, so now that I'm settled, I think it will be easier to update on a regular basis again......so, lets begin:

I met with the surgeon a week after the MRI and they confirmed that I tore my ACL. Crap. Bad news. So much for holding out hope. The good news is that the other ligaments are all in good shape. I reiterated my situation regarding Mexico, and he strongly suggested that I stay for two months post op instead of one......crap again. If I'm super diligent with my rehab, maybe I'll be good to go in 6 weeks instead of 8!

More good news - there was a cancellation and my surgery is scheduled for TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 13. Yup, next Tuesday! Its outpatient, but I'm still going to go under. The thought of having an epidural and hearing the drills and jackhammers and burning flesh makes me want to pass out and barf, not neccessarily in that order.

Now that surgery is set, I've set my start date for November 15th! Whoooo Hoooo - PROGRESS! Now I have to just get all the crappy paperwork in order (it never eeeeeennnnnndddddddssssss!!!!!)

Troy found an apartment and moved out a week or so ago (mostly) - so I moved back into the house. It was wierd at first, but I've settled back in. Just me and the kitties now! The house is officially listed, and since the implemenation of the virtual tour there has been a showing or two. No real big bites. Not suprising, though. There are about 10 other homes for sale in the neighborhood, and not a whole heck of alot of good economy. So, keep your fingers crossed.....and, if your interested:

Link to Karin's House

Thats about it for now *sigh* lots of stuff!