Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Friday :)

Little honey bear is sleeping soundly right now.....while the rest of us are preparing for a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry. I think its a pretty darn cool museum...perfect for us Nerdy types. They have a fantastic model train display, which is the main reason we're going because Pat Sr. likes model trains. In fact, they have a really cool G size (Garden.....pretty big) in their back yard. I'd like for Pat to have one someday too, but it will have to wait until we have a basement.

We don't have much planned for Mom & Dad O'Brien's trip this week. They said they just wanted to relax and spend time with Liam, and we've been doing pretty much that since they got here Wednesday night :)

Oh, and please say a little prayer for Karli girl. She's in surgery right now as we speak to reconstruct her ACL. I'm sure she'll come out good as new, but its still surgery and scary nonetheless.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good Morning!

Its me! Up at the ass crack of dawn again.

When Liam got up in the middle of the night tonight - I decided to let him Cry It Out. I'm just so sick of getting up between 1 - 3 AM, know what I mean? So, he started rousing at about 3:30, crying at about 3:50. I kind of did a modified Ferber method.....just going in a couple minutes longer than the previous visit, and in about 20 minutes he was sleeping again. Boy can that kid wail. I felt pretty bad especially when he started choking cuz he was crying so hard......and got myself so worked up that I can't go back to sleep. *sigh* I hate not being able to go back to sleep. I'm TIRED people - why can't I sleep!?!??!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


You know, I figured with this stay at home Mom stuff I would be blessed with oodles and oodles of time to find the end of the internets and in general play all day.


not so much.

I'm having a great time, truth be told, it just has reduced my computer time quite a bit, and I haven't figured out how to balance it just yet. I'll figure it out eventually, so I don't anticipate another month long absence.

So much has happened! Liam has become a LIGHTENING fast crawler....and yes, he's taken his first steps!!! A week before his 9 month birthday. Sniff. I don't think I was emotionally ready for that LOL. Here's the video proof!

We have his 9 month check up today, so I will post stats after we get home from the doctor.

Liam and I have also been enjoying many mommy meet ups through - going to the beach, farmers markets, zoos, playgrounds and peoples houses! Its difficult sometimes, and I get frustrated with having to take the bus everywhere, but for the most part its been pretty fun. Liam is getting less and less shy, and starting to enjoy hanging out with other kiddos. I've also joined a photography meetup; my first meeting with them was at 4:15AM on Saturday to catch the sunrise on the lake. It was pretty amazing!

More photos on flickr at Sunrise Photo Set

Other news - we've put our condo on the market as of today, I think. Everyone cross their fingers and we'll see how she goes!!!!