Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Depression Update

In general, I've been feeling better, but not 100%. I finally made an appointment with an actual Psychaitrist to help manage my dosage.....I had the appoinment and we actually decided to change medicines. So, I went from Zoloft back to Wellbutrin. Its worked well for me in the past, so we'll see how she goes this time around. I started taking it, and its made me a bit nauseous, but it seems that those side effects always rear thier heads the first week or two.

I also had a physical last week too - I really liked the doctor. Very thourough and unpretentious. It took like, two hours, because I've really neglected my health for the past couple of years, focusing instead on pregnancy and keeping the baby healthy :) We went through it all - medical history, allergies, skin issues, depression/anxiety, nasal issues, etc. So, now I must make appointments for an ENT specialist, Dermatologist and Allergist to get everything else undercontrol. I started taking allergy pills, spray and nasal strips again, in hopes that it improves my sleep a little bit. I'm kind of bummed, because it means I'll be pill popping again (probably 4 or 5 per day) but if it gets be back on track health wise, I suppose its worth it. Each of those issues alone really aren't serious, but when you add them all up, it seems like I'm an unhealthy wreak. Which really isn't the case, but my health does need to improve.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Favorite Boys

Pat and I went to Milwaukee yesterday for work, and on the way home we stopped at Carter's Outlet to try to snag some good deals. We found a lot of things, one of which was the cutest little outfit - a red/white striped shirt with a whale on it, and the most adorable jean overalls. He's sooo cute sometimes! And I get so excited to capture on film my two favorite boys :) I will love them forever!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse and Yummy Snowflakes.

As I was driving home last night from my ACI Meeting, I was able to get a peek at the moon during its eclipse. Very cool! I made it home at around 9:00pm, and after searching for about 15 minutes for a part of my tripod, I scooted out to the courtyard to sit in the cold and try to snap a few photos. It was a rare occasion, because I had the camera completely in manual - but it actually turned out OK. I was bummed the moon didn't turn out white, but then I realized DUH! It was during the peak of the eclipse when the moon was SUPPOSED to be orange!! I'm a dork sometimes!

Then this morning, it was snowing sooooo prettily (is that even a word?)!! Seriously - big, fluffy, slow falling snowflakes. It looked like a movie. Or a snowglobe. It just made me happy. I know, its difficult to find the beauty in freezing cold weather in February......we're all pretty sick of it by this point (especially since most of the snow that's been on the ground has since turned to slippery slickity ice). But this did it. It was falling SO lazily, that you could pick out a nice big snowflake clump, follow it, and catch it on your tongue with relative ease. When's the last time you've done that?? I highly recommend it. I promise, its guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Why the enthusiasm you ask? No, not because I posted twice in two days (although that is cause for celebration). EUNICE IS COMING TO VISIT TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! I haven't seen her in two years, and even though it should be my turn to visit (because she came last to see me in Mexico) she's being a doll and making the trek again. Of course, I do have bait here......we live very close to a Target, and they don't have Target's in Canada :) Oh yeah, and Liam too!

Anywho - I'm very much looking forward to her visit. She's here until Tuesday. It was a good weekend for her, because Canadians' have Monday off for Family Day, a new holiday instituted by the new Prime Minister. Apparently it was a campaign promise that he followed through on. I don't know what I would like more - an extra holiday, or a politician that follows through on a promise.

Another reason for celebration - I expanded my wardrobe. This celebration is twofold. First, of course, fabulous new clothes! Second, is the commitment to my job they represent. Its like I officially decided to let go of the idea of being a stay at home mom for a while, and commit to making a real effort at succeeding at my job. It might seem like a small step, but it feels pretty significant in my mind.

What did I get? Well, a nice trip to Ann Taylor Loft, and some really nice professional threads :) A nice suit, a couple very pretty shirts, and a fabulous sash/belt thingy. I can't wait to wear them! I do need to buy a new pair of shoes to go with though.......

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So, how's it going??

Ah - nice to see you again :) How's life? Good here, busy, but good. I've been doing well trying to deal with this depression issue......I think its improving, but its hard to tell. I've been on meds for about three weeks now, and I'm going to start seeing an official psychiatrist to help manage the dosage and such (instead of my OB/GYN). My therapist thought it would be a good idea, and I agree. We've been working through lots of stuff - I really like her!

Here's one thing that ALWAYS makes me happy and feel good:

Ahhh - my little man makes me soooo happy! He's so stinkin' cute! I just peeked in at him sleeping in his crib (I've been doing this more frequently lately). I love watching him sleep....his little arms splayed above his head in "TOUCHDOWN" position. *sigh* after Pat I never thought I'd love another man, but alas, I have been smitten by this little 16 pound wonder. His smile totally melts me!

The photo is from a little photo shoot we had on a gloomy day in our bedroom. He was so patient!! You can see some of the photos at my flickr page.

Right now, I'm waiting for the meatloaf to be done so I can go to bed. Yes, I'm cooking meatloaf :) Its the best meatloaf in the universe - from the House of Blues. Our neighbor Kelly cooked us a few loaves after Liam was born, and we devoured it. So so YUM!! Anywho, I'm going to cut out heart shapes of the meatloaf for Valentine's Day dinner tomorrow - and probably out of potatoes too. It will be cute and romantic! I also made some heart shaped cupcakes, with pink frosting and heart sprinkles. Yeah, I know its corny, but I'm so happy in love this year, with Pat and with Liam, that I just feel like celebrating - even if its cheesy!

So, Happy St. Valentine's Day to you all! You are loved - and have a great day!!!!