Monday, November 26, 2007

Place holder

I have a lot of things to talk about, which I will get to later.....but for now, I'll hold their spot with this post:

Holiday Assimilation Issues
Christmas Trimming
Liam's cold (poor boy)


Today is my first day back at work.

Please tell me it gets easier!!!!!

I'm a distracted, unmotivated, crabby, unproductive mess.

Dropping off Liam went well this morning, in big part thanks to Pat's help. I had a hard enough time getting myself ready on a schedule, let alone trying to get him ready too. Pat gave me a good suggestion though - a list of things that need to go in the diaper bag so we can check things off and not have to think about it. Also, preparing the bag and bottles the night before would also be a big help.....Things you learn as time goes on.

I miss my little man :(

But I'm thankful to have time away from him, know what I mean?


I know it will get easier as we get more onto a schedule and such, but in the mean time it just feels like life is all mumbly jumbly.

A friend sent kind of makes me cry, but makes me feel a bit better too....

A Working Mother's Prayer

O Lord, since I must now entrust my precious child into the arms of another so that I may go forth to earn bread for our table, accept my offering of tears and deep regret. Take my child, Lord—and my aching heart—and lay them together in your dear Mother's lap where both may rest secure until I come again to claim my treasures.


Monday, November 19, 2007

My new favorite picture

DOH! I can't STAND it! Pat and Liam are sooooooooo cute!!! My new favorite picture :)

I've got a lot to catch you all up on - our Holidome weekend was FANTASTIC, and I had a great time in Saginaw for a week......but that means lots of photos to upload and post. And, right now, my little He-Man Liam has a cold :( He's so sniffly and pathetic...but I think its harder on Pat and I than it actually is on him. We'll get through it.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


I really should be packing, or at least piling, things together for our big trip......but I'm not. I'm snuggling and surfing the net. Tomorrow we're headed to Kalamazoo for an O'Brien family weekend at the Holidome - which really should be fun. The Mayer family used to do hotel weekend trips on the occasion while growing up, and I LOVED it :) Hopefully it will be just as fun!

Then, Liam and I are going to Saginaw for the week! HOORAY! I can't wait!!

:::::: BIG DAY ::::::

This morning, Liam and I went to Shedd Aquarium to meet up with some other Chicago Mommies - I met them online at a baby wearing website I must say it was rather nice to get out and meet new people - big and small :) Liam slept most of the time, but it was cool for me to get out and chat.

We had a big milestone today - I took Liam to daycare for 1/2 day. It was sooooo difficult. I didn't cry - I almost did but I didn't. I also wanted to turn around about 6 times to tell Josefina various things.....but I didn't. I just had to let it go - she'll learn him, just as I have!

I made the decision to take him to an in-home daycare....its not even a day care really, its like paying for a surrogate great grandma! Seriously - her house totally reminds me of my grandma's!! She's a very sweet old lady - her previous families had a lot of great things to say about her. And I felt like I could trust her, you know?

He was only gone for a couple of hours - four I think - but it felt so good to have him in my arms again. I really missed him......except then I was sad for a second, because he smelled like Josefina's house :( and not ours :( It just makes me sad to have to have someone else take care of him, you know? I suppose it will get easier.......with time.

OK - enough to get some things done.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Pics from the Baby Faire

The owner of Karma Baby Slings took a couple pics of us while at the booth (that's her in the Green tank - Stacey!) - Liam looks so cute snuggled up in there!!! Of course, he doesn't fit quite as well after I was a big ol' dumb arse and shrunk mine :( but he still loves being in it!! I'm hoping they stretch out a bit.....we'll have to wait and see!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More scrappage and the American Baby Faire

This could possibly be my new most favorite layout EVAR!!! You can see credits HERE

This weekend Liam and I had a fun day, all to our selves. I really wanted a new sling, but didn't have a ton of extra cash, so I had the opportunity to work a booth at the American Baby Faire in Schaumburg to earn a free one. So I did - for Karma Baby Slings. And I took Liam with me, hoping he would not fuss too much during my 3 hour shift - he totally didn't. In fact, he laid, snuggly in his sling, the entire time. He was the epitome of a sling baby! He woke up to have his diaper changed and eat, and sometimes to just look around a bit, but for the most part he just was asleep! It was so empowering!!! We ended up being out for an entire day, just me and baby - from 9AM to 5PM. It might not seem like a big deal, but I was so proud of myself for taking him out on my own.

I have this, issue, I guess, with having him out in public. I just don't like to do it, because I get soooooo stressed out when he's crying. I hate a fussy cry-ey baby in public. I mean, I don't really like it at home either, but at least he's not bothering anyone (except maybe the neighbors). Anyway, having him in a sling or wrap pretty much calms him, so I'm so much more confident - while going out, and even in our own house. He's not fussy when he's in the sling. Its pretty much awesome.

Anywho - that was pretty much my big achievements for the weekend :) We also had some friends and thier kids visit on Sunday (oooohhh - they also brought us some YUMM-O chicken yumminess and pecan pie!!).

Plans for this week include picking a child care giver, attending the USGBC, and heading to Kalamazoo for a family fun weekend!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

When Superfluous Spending Pays Off

So we're in Target buying necessities, when I pass through the cat isle on my way to finding the Shout Stain Remover and see "Cat Hats" - or maybe it was more like the Cruel and Unusual Punishment isle, really. I see a cute "Hat" for $3.00 and really, just have to, HAVE TO, have it. Seriously.

All for this.

This is a prime example of when buying something you don't need pays off. Because sometimes, you just have to laugh your ass off. Even if it is the expense of your own cat, and even if it only lasts a few minutes.

New scrappage

Credits can be seen HERE

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Purchases, Stress and Wheel of Fortune

::::::::::::::::::: Wrap A Go Go :::::::::::::::::::

Last Friday, I had a crazy rough day….just short tempered and unable to deal with a crying baby. So as soon as Pat got home from work, I took a quick jaunt to a local baby store that I’ve been meaning to visit – Be By Baby. It was there I was able to speak with the staff and try on a few different types of baby slings. I really have wanted one since Liam was born – but they are kind of pricy, and didn’t really know how to use any them. I bought one online, and it didn’t quite fit right (and no returns….criminey). I bought another one (or rather, Pat did, from Target) but it never seemed to fit Liam quite right. So, with the help of the experts, I found an amazing sling – or rather, a wrap – The Moby Wrap. I love it. Liam loves it. It makes traveling so easy!!! Here’s a cute pic of us from the Pumpkin Patch on Tuesday (more on that later)……

I also picked up a CD of Kids sing along songs by Putamayo, some cute little Baby Legs, and, Pee Pee Tee Pees – because Liam likes to pee all over us, and we’d rather he’d not.

::::::::::::::::::: Nanny/Daycare Search :::::::::::::::::::

*sigh* this has been the source of all my angst and stress for the past week. I’ve found a couple potential candidates – and they come with stellar referrals, but I told myself that I would really try to listen to my gut instinct when it came to hiring the right person – be it a nanny, home day care or whatever. It is coming to my attention though, that when it comes down to it I trust no one, which is making the decision and the process difficult. I still have a couple of interviews, so we will see how it goes from there.

The crazy thing is, even though I don’t want to leave Liam with anyone – I can’t bear the thought of staying home full time either – not that we could afford it if I wanted to……

::::::::::::::::::: Wheel of Fortune :::::::::::::::::::

Even though we missed seeing the Wheel Mobile on Saturday, we decided to head there on Monday just to see what all the fuss was about (and to see if we could make it big on the big wheel). Liam came with, and did so well! He made one little fuss (all wrapped up in my Moby) and even took a bottle without so much as a peep! Anywho - It wasn’t very crowded, especially compared to the amount of people the camera’s showed on the News on Saturday evening, so it was a good choice to come on Monday. Especially since it sucked. Seriously. There were throngs of people, and all for a dumb speed round and cheesy prize packs like wheel of fortune fanny packs. Lame-o. I did get a cool pen out of the deal at least….and I don’t think I”ll be making it big on TV any time soon.

::::::::::::::::::: Pumpkin Patch :::::::::::::::::::

We headed out one warm Tuesday afternoon, hoping to score some warm apple cider, yummy doughnuts, and maybe score a few cute pictures of Liam. A big success on all accounts! Here are a couple of pics from the day. I don't have them all uploaded of Flickr yet, but check back at a later date........