Friday, June 10, 2005

My poor little durango

A couple days ago I was at the Dodge dealership trying to get my check engine light all figured out. They couldn't service my durango because they didn't take our fleet card. Bummer. So I go to back out of the service area (its in downtown Saline - there's not a whole lot of room there, and for those of you who don't know, the Durango isn't a small vehicle) and I back into a #$@(#$& light post. DAMMIT!

It jacked my rear fender, quarterpanel and lights up on the passenger side pretty darn good. Enough so that its going to take a while to fix. I feel so bad! I love that stupid truck. I was heartbroken to leave it at the shady body shop. The guy must have noticed because he told me before I left that visitation hours were from 8-5 everyday :) So now i'm stuck with a rental. Its a Ford Expedition. Hugemongo - but still a Ford. I guess somethings never die - love GM, hate Ford......but somehow Dodges are OK too.

But I digress. I really felt like a huge idiot running into a light post. But to my defense, the pole was directly hidden by one of the pilars in my car, so I completely could not see it. still feel like a dork, but I suppose if I had intended to run into it they would call them "on purposes" instead of accidents.


Me said...

I wouldnt feel too bad chica. Shit happens. As my mother used to say "Anything that can be fixed with money isn't too bad of a problem." Health, well that's a whole other ballgame. But i digress...

Kimberly said...

if you want to i have a new site...good luck in mexico and thanks for the card