Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Massey Trio at Silvie's

Friday night Pat and I traveled a long 3 miles to see Kyle play with The Massey Trio at a bar called Silvie's. I, of course, brought my camera along....even though low light concerts are about the hardest thing to shoot, I did my best and caught a few cool shots. The nice clear ones were taken of Kyle before the show outside.....with Jim's super shiny cool guitar he borrowed since his own is in the shop. The grainy ones are from the actual show. It was hard to get pics of Kyle because there wasn't any direct light on him at all....but I did my best. I'll have the rest loaded up to flickr after I get back home.

This week will be long for me - Pat and I are headed to Dubuque, IA in a few mintues for a customer golf outing, then we'll spend the rest of the week in Sales Meetings. But, on Thursday we'll head to Illinois Beach for a weekend of Camping :) I can't wait!

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