Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Truer words were never spoken

In a true Karin roundabout fashion (via a high school friend reconnected through Facebook turning me onto an amazing photographer in Atlanta, Ross Oscar Knight, that I - I read a post from this man's blog and was really struck by his words:

"So many of us doubt ourselves. I know I do sometimes. We doubt our intelligence, our decisions, our spirituality, our talents, our gifts, and even our physical appearance. The truth of the matter is this: If you will gather the courage to stand and turn around, you will see your growth and be thankful for that. Some of us have bad memories that we would rather not recount, however, you must be thankful for the obstacles you have already overcome."

I think this is particularly inspiring, as I'm often one to bash myself.....once in a great while, like right now, I'm grateful for my gifts; so very thankful for who I am, who I have become, and where I am heading. Its a good feeling, and we all should take a minute to pat ourselves on the back once and a while. Try it - it feels pretty darn good!

You can see the original post here: Destination Wedding Photographers | Africa, Caribbean, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Mi: I Was Blinded by the Sun

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