Monday, February 21, 2011

Eye See You :)

T is for Tube, originally uploaded by ~*~ KO ~*~.

I've actually been taking a LOT of pictures with my cell phone lately for my 365 project, simply because its handy, and I can edit and upload right to flickr without too much fuss - so when I heard the I Heart Faces theme was cell phone, I decided I should probably buck up and give it a shot :)

This was taken through a paper towel roll in honor of "T" day of the February Alphabet Challenge.

I'm hoping to participate more with I Heart Faces - it seems like a pretty friendly, fun community teeming with inspiration and uber talented photogs!


Sherry said...

Oh, loving that! Really cool!

caroline said...

very creative!

Chellie Dee said...

this is great!

Shelly said...

This pic is so cool! I feel like this would be a result of cool editing, but it's obviously not!

Liv said...

this is cool! I love the swirl going through it. HEY! You should enter "The Big I Love You Giveaway" at and by doing so help me win a scholarship! We have tons of great prizes I think you'll really enjoy!