Friday, November 24, 2006

And a good time was had by all.....

Wow – my post was rather whiney yesterday, wasn’t it? Oh well – I’m back to normal now and in a rather joyous mood. Our dinner last night was a success – everyone seemed to enjoy the food – so much so that we don’t have much for leftovers….just a bit of mashed potatoes and some turkey. Oh, and lots of pies and cakes that people brought with them. It was pretty cool to be able to celebrate an American tradition with all our Mexican friends – they seemed genuinely excited to be able to experience it as well – everyone said it was a first for them! All in all, we had 12 people over, and managed to all fit at one long table (well, two tables put together). Conversation was good, beer and wine was a’flowing – and it was just a great night. Keith did a great job cooking – the food was delish. I was just happy to be able to entertain – I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it.

Oh, and just in case your wondering, I did not score any Pillsbury biscuits or croissants, but I did find some good little bread thingys at Wal-Mart, and they were rather tasty.

So, now it officially starts the Holiday season. Last year I was rather depressed, so I didn’t even listen much to Christmas music at all, but I am already all revved up for it this year. I’ve had Christmas music on at work and in the car, and hopefully I’ll get my tree all set up tonight as well. Christmas decorating always brings up another college memory for me:

1998 - 445 S. Fifth Avenue – I can’t remember if it was the weekend after Thanksgiving, or sometime later….but Danica and I bought one of those mini-barrels of Budweiser (no, not a pony keg, but the little cute tiny barrel – or big can if you will). We threw on Santa hats (or at least I did) decorated the house, and drank the whole stinkin thing! If I recall correctly we had a pretty good buzz going on there – and the house looked fantastic. It must have been the weekend after Thanksgiving because none of our other roommates were around…..I’ll have to look through my pics, because I think I took a couple…….

Not much for weekend plans in store – decorating and cleaning because Pat O’Brien will be here Thursday (YIPPIE!!!!). We may head to Puebla tomorrow morning for a Rugby Tournament….but that is yet to be officially determined. Hope everyone out there has a fantastic weekend!

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