Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More scrappage and the American Baby Faire

This could possibly be my new most favorite layout EVAR!!! You can see credits HERE

This weekend Liam and I had a fun day, all to our selves. I really wanted a new sling, but didn't have a ton of extra cash, so I had the opportunity to work a booth at the American Baby Faire in Schaumburg to earn a free one. So I did - for Karma Baby Slings. And I took Liam with me, hoping he would not fuss too much during my 3 hour shift - he totally didn't. In fact, he laid, snuggly in his sling, the entire time. He was the epitome of a sling baby! He woke up to have his diaper changed and eat, and sometimes to just look around a bit, but for the most part he just was asleep! It was so empowering!!! We ended up being out for an entire day, just me and baby - from 9AM to 5PM. It might not seem like a big deal, but I was so proud of myself for taking him out on my own.

I have this, issue, I guess, with having him out in public. I just don't like to do it, because I get soooooo stressed out when he's crying. I hate a fussy cry-ey baby in public. I mean, I don't really like it at home either, but at least he's not bothering anyone (except maybe the neighbors). Anyway, having him in a sling or wrap pretty much calms him, so I'm so much more confident - while going out, and even in our own house. He's not fussy when he's in the sling. Its pretty much awesome.

Anywho - that was pretty much my big achievements for the weekend :) We also had some friends and thier kids visit on Sunday (oooohhh - they also brought us some YUMM-O chicken yumminess and pecan pie!!).

Plans for this week include picking a child care giver, attending the USGBC, and heading to Kalamazoo for a family fun weekend!!!

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