Thursday, November 08, 2007


I really should be packing, or at least piling, things together for our big trip......but I'm not. I'm snuggling and surfing the net. Tomorrow we're headed to Kalamazoo for an O'Brien family weekend at the Holidome - which really should be fun. The Mayer family used to do hotel weekend trips on the occasion while growing up, and I LOVED it :) Hopefully it will be just as fun!

Then, Liam and I are going to Saginaw for the week! HOORAY! I can't wait!!

:::::: BIG DAY ::::::

This morning, Liam and I went to Shedd Aquarium to meet up with some other Chicago Mommies - I met them online at a baby wearing website I must say it was rather nice to get out and meet new people - big and small :) Liam slept most of the time, but it was cool for me to get out and chat.

We had a big milestone today - I took Liam to daycare for 1/2 day. It was sooooo difficult. I didn't cry - I almost did but I didn't. I also wanted to turn around about 6 times to tell Josefina various things.....but I didn't. I just had to let it go - she'll learn him, just as I have!

I made the decision to take him to an in-home daycare....its not even a day care really, its like paying for a surrogate great grandma! Seriously - her house totally reminds me of my grandma's!! She's a very sweet old lady - her previous families had a lot of great things to say about her. And I felt like I could trust her, you know?

He was only gone for a couple of hours - four I think - but it felt so good to have him in my arms again. I really missed him......except then I was sad for a second, because he smelled like Josefina's house :( and not ours :( It just makes me sad to have to have someone else take care of him, you know? I suppose it will get easier.......with time.

OK - enough to get some things done.

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