Sunday, December 02, 2007


I'm not sure why, but that phrase is in my head. I suppose that is what baptism is.......washing away original sin, right? We had Liam's ceremony today, and it went really well, despite the super craptastic weather. Everyone made it into town safely - before the ceremony we went to breakfast brunch at the Fireside - it was very yummy!

It wasn't an official Mass - they do baptisms the first Sunday of every month. There was only one other little baby - little Madeline. Her grandmother brought water from the River Jordan, which was poured into the font and used for both babies - I thought that was a pretty cool touch!

Here are a couple pics from the day, courtesy of Karli - our photographer :) I took the one of just him in his gown. Just a note about Liam's baptism gown (I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before). He's number 47 in his family to be christened in it....including his daddy & his grandma.....It was made in 1917 by hand by Salomea Mach Luczak Neimcal, who is Liam's great-great-great-grandmother. Its comprised of two cotton petticoats, and one embroidered linen overlay, which is lined in either pink or blue ribbon, depending on the sex of the baby. Its pretty fragile now, but still very pretty! It was an honor to have him wear it!

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