Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In the news...

Well, not literally. At least not literally on national news anyway :) Just new news on the kiddo front.

Liam has takin akin to saying "What the Heck". Its always in context (usually when a toy isn't cooperating), and totally, totally cute. But, not really appropriate. So I've nixed that saying from my vocabulary for the time being. I suppose it IS much better than the alternative WTF....

Lola is gaining mobility :) She's lifting her legs up and rolling from side to side while on her back, which usually results in her turning herself 90 degrees in her crib. Very exciting development! Why, you might ask? Well, she's kind of lazy ;) I know, how can I say that about a four month old, right? But compared to Liam (and that's really my only comparison) she has no interest in doing anything physical. Liam was just raring to go - putting all sorts of weight on his legs, rolling over really early, walking at 9 months, etc. I'm sure she'll be flipping (front to back or back to front) in no time, but until then I'm enjoying being able to put her in one spot and have her stay there. well, mostly :)

On a TMI front, the poor girl hasn't pooped in over a week. Constipation is pretty uncommon for breastfed babies, and she doesn't seem overly uncomfortable, but its a change in her previously regular habits. We've done rectal stimulation (ha! Doesn't that sound nice? Its basically taking her temperature rectally), prune juice (her first taste of something non-breastmilk!), and the last resort....glycerin suppositories. If we don't have some poopage by noon time, a doctor's visit will be in order. So lets pray for some poops!

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