Monday, February 22, 2010

Once upon a time....

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There was a little boy who, upon waking up from his restful slumber, would lay in his big boy bed with Nemo and Blankie, and patiently wait for his parents to wake up and open the door to his bedroom....letting him know that it was time to greet this marvelous day. Sometimes, when he lost patience and waited for up to an hour, he would sing songs and make loud noises so his parents knew he was ready to rise and shine! But never, ever did the little boy get out of bed of his own accord.


Our fairy tale has ended.

I knew him laying there in bed by himself wouldn't last forever. He transitioned to his big boy bed maybe? SO its been about a five month run of bliss. Beginning last Wednesday morning, Liam woke up promptly at 5AM, came into our bedroom and announced "I'm Awake!". It was so adorable because it was so uncharacteristic.....

Now, not so adorable. 5AM is way too flippin early. Between him and Lola waking in the middle of the night we're not sleeping well at all. I'm a zombie. Pat's a zombie. And now Liam's started coming into our bedroom in the middle of the night wanting to play, read books, snuggle....etc. He's a little manipulative bastard too. He knows what he thinks we'll really want him to do, so he says things like "I need a tissue!", "Snuggle Mommy?" or "I want to sit on the potty!" in order to stay awake and out of his bedroom. And he keeps his voice at a whisper because, well, you know, its quiet time.

We're wise to him more Mr. & Mrs. Nice Guy.

I'm not sure what efforts we're going to make, but the kid has GOT to stay in his room until at least 6AM.


Francois Viljoen said...

Hi Karin

I found your blog searching for people who live and work in Mexico (you are one of the few who keep a blog).

Are you still an XPat in Mexico?

Kind regards,

BTW... sorry to hear about your 5AM awakenings. :)

Karin said...

Hello Francois! I am no longer an expat in Mexico - I repatriated to the US in February 2007! Thank you for finding my blog though - and if I can help in any way let me know :)