Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Too Much Excitement!

This past weekend I spent some time in Indiana with Pat O'Brien's family. Although presented with a similar set of nerves as when he met my family, everything went off without a hitch. Well, sort of.

On Saturday night, my and my ever present gracefulness were out in full force. I managed to fall and jack my good knee all to heck. We won't go into details here - we'll just say that it wasn't pretty. and it may have involved alcohol.

Anyway, Pat and I went to an urgent care place on Sunday early afternoon, and they hooked me up with some bandages/crutches/anti-inflamatory/other sissy gear. Made for some good conversation on Sunday :) His family was pretty cool about it - making slight fun of me while helping me hop around the house. It actually made me feel pretty welcome, belive it or not!

So now I'm waiting until tomorrow so I can go to U of M and get a full examination from a sports med person......until then, it will be elevation, ice, and OTC pain killers for me!