Wednesday, August 24, 2005

MRI a-go-go

I had my MRI on my knee last night. It was pretty cool, and actually kind of relaxing. I got to sit in a place for 30 minutes and not worry about work calling on my cell phone :) Seriously though, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was only stuck in up to my neck, so I didn't get freaked out, and the earplugs helped drone the noise.

The noises were actually kind of hilarious! I thought they were going to give me a migrane, but really, they just reminded me of something out of a bad sci-fi movie. You know, like alien photon blasters and such. Or, you could compare it to the horrible sound of all horns on the rides at Cedar Point's Kiddie Kingdom back in the day. I could have used some earplugs back then.

The preparation was fun too - they really freak you out when they ask if you have ever had metal shards in your eyes, metal pins in your body or shrapnel or if you've ever stood too close to anything metal or if you've ever swallowed a penny in your life. It makes you think if you do, then the MRI magnetic field and radio waves are going to get ahold of it, rip it through your body and make the metal part careen toward the machine where it will spontaneously combust upon impact and destroy the northern hemisphere. Geez people - I'm trying to relax! Quit freaking me out!

Then they remind you to remove all jewelry and body piercing (with which I happily complied). But, part way through the test, I realized I still had my bra on. My very large bra. My very large bra with very large METAL underwire pieces in it. So, I squeezed my panic button and the MRI tech comes rushing in to see if I'm ok. And I say - "uh, my bra has metal in it" - and she just laughs and says I'll be ok.

Really, I was more concerned with interference of the pictures of my knees, but I swear I could feel my bra getting hot.

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