Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Post Memorial Day Weekend :)

YAY! We did get some grilled meat this weekend :)

I was thinking to myself that really, we didn't have any big plans - but now that the weekend is over, I suppose we were rather busy. A quick breakdown for you:

Friday - shopping and Pirates of The Carribean. Pirates was pretty good, although about a half an hour too long. But, still worth the price of our admission and popcorn goodies!

Saturday - crip crappity crap crappy day! All rainy and gloomy :( But, we grabbed our umbrellas and managed to get out for a nice long walk down to our friend's store The Wooden Spoon so I could purchase a muddler. Being that I have been sooooo into virgin Mojitos lately, I figured I really needed one. And, it works famously I tell you! On the way back home we stopped at the Hopleaf bar for a drink, and I tried another new non-alcoholic brew....that I can't think of the name of right now....Claust-something...from Germany. It was pretty good - very hoppy.

The evening brought celebrations for my cousin Will's 29th birthday! We went to dinner with Will, Amber and two other couple friends of their's for a night of Tapas at Cafe Babareeba - it was a great choice! All the food, drink and desserts were so yummy!!! Of course, the company makes the dinner, and that wasn't too shabby either :) To those of you who say dates wrapped up in bacon sounds horrible, you would be terribly terribly mistaken! It was a fantastic flavor explosion - and everyone should try it!!!!

Sunday - after Bike The Drive was finished at 10AM, we headed down Lakeshore drive to visit our favorite O'Brien's for a day. It was crappy when we arrived in Indiana, but it cleared up and actually turned out to be a great day! We played some catch, lounged in Mike's fabulous new hammock, and ate hot dogs and brats on the grill! YUMMY :) Then, we watched both the Tigers and the Piston's lose, and headed to bed.

Monday - after a fabulously prepared pancake and sausage breakfast, we left Mike & Kristen's and headed back home. I had a nice afternoon nap, and then we took advantage of the nice day and went for a walk. I kind of wanted to hit The Chicago Botanic Gardens, but Pat didn't really want to drive anywere, so instead of our normal walk we decided to head to The Rosehill Cemetary. Before you get all wierded out and think we are crazy - They had a Memorial Day parade earlier that morning, and we figured Memorial day is as good a day as any to walk through a cemetary. Folks, this cemetary is HUGE, old and the entrance looks so cool. It was designed by the same dude who did the Water Tower downtown. Its the largest cemetary in Chicago, and turns out, 3rd largest in the world....something like 350 acres. Really, it was quite pretty. They had tons of flags out, and some incredibly ornate monuments. I'm glad we walked through.....and we might just do it again.

That brings us to today....just working from home today, I've got a billion things to catch up on - which I should start right. about. NOW!

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