Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sweet :)

Crosstown classic. Cubbies took two, Sox took one. Seemed a bit strange, having a NL & AL team duke it out this early in the season - but I suppose that is the point of interleague play. It was pretty awesome to have been a part of the opening game of the series on Friday afternoon - there was so much energy in that stadium! There were probably just as much noise made by the Sox fans as the Cubbies fans - so it was equal amounts of boos and cheers each change of the inning. Quite interesting actually.

And, I learned that it is apparently not cool to keep score during the game. Everyone made fun of me and said only 80 year old men keep track of that stuff. I personally think they were just jealous of my skilz. I've always thought it was rather fun. I'm not sure who taught me to do it, probably my dad......the skills were honed when I would keep the books on occasion for our softball during high school, or as an umpire during the summer kids leagues. I've let myself get rusty though - I hadn't done it in a while. I got 6 innings done (1 - 3 and 7 - 9) - I missed three because we left our seats to go hang out on the Patio in the middle of the game.

The day was beautiful - it was sunny at 70 ish. We decided to take the bus this time instead of the Red line. A good decision I think. Its about a mile to the Red Line station - but a little less than half that to the bus stop on Clark, and it drops you off right in front of Wrigley Field. Bus people are a different breed than train people though - it was interesting to see.

Pat and I had a great lunch with our customer outside on the patio at Tuscany, and then headed over to the ballpark. It was a bit chilly in the shade (luckily I brought a jacket) because the wind was coming right off the lake, but it was a nice day overall.

Instead of taking the bus we opted for a leisurely walk home (three miles or so?). It took forever because I was in sandals and walk kinda slow....but it was perfect for a stop at 7-11 to grab a coke slurpee :)

*sigh* I love a day at the ball park! Sure beats working any day! Oh wait - I was working :) I love my job!

What else this weekend......oh, we went to the Field Museum for the annual banquet for the American Concrete Institute Illinois Chapter - we had a great dinner, and I LOOOOOVE the museum....overall, very cool! Here's an oversharpened picture of Pat and I in front of Sue - the famed T-Rex. Notice my ever expanding belly and boobs.......they just won't stop growing!!!

And we also finally took our bikes out for a spin on the Lakshore - there were about a million people out! OH! And we bought a new mattress - it comes tomorrow. Today was less exciting - cleaning the condo in the morning and watching the Red Wings lose in overtime during the afternoon, capped off with a bit of Sopranos and Entourage.

And now folks, tis time for me to sleep. Ta ta!

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Anonymous said...

hey my sister-in-law is a docent on the weekends there...and that's her station, right in front of t-sue! ;)