Monday, May 07, 2007

Whoa, been a while, eh?

OK - I had no idea it had been that long since I posted!

We spent a few days in San Diego on a honeymoon, then promptly returned to Chicagoland only to turn around and head to Lake Geneva Wisconsin for a work meeting. Here's a Lay Out I did of it.....if you click on it you can see it much better.

This weekend was a Round The Clock scrap-a-thon - 52 hours straight for National Scrapbook Weekend! It went well, but I'm sooooo tired! Here are two magnets I made for a challenge I lead - the kitties are so precious!

Also got to see my cousin Will & his wifey Amber on Saturday evening - they came over for some dinner, to watch the Pistons kick the Bulls butts & for some Wii action :) It was great seeing them - they are pretty stinkin' fun peeps! And, they bring cheesy poofs with them, which makes them A-OK in my book!

We have a two day work week this week, then on Wednesday we head to Tucson to see Pat's mom graduate. So basically you won't see another post for another week or so. But I promise I'll be back eventually!

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