Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shortest Lived Cat Toy - EVER

Greetings from Chesterfield, Missouri :) Pat and I took a drive down here this evening to go to a Quality Council meeting tomorrow morning. How romantic - a work trip! We had a great dinner with some friends, and are now settling down in our hotel room, ready for a good nights sleep. I thought maybe we'd hit a casino, but dinner ran a bit longer than expected, and I'm lame now too, so we just decided to stick around the hotel.

Before dinner, we decided to go to the PetsMart across the street, because we've been meaning to buy some kitty hairball treats and some more food for Milo & Thalia. Yes, I realize most people don't go pet shopping 250 miles away, but its *RIGHT* across the street, and that is closer than waiting to go when we get home. Anyway, so we're killin' some time, and I decide the kitties need a new door hanging mousie, because Thalia pretty much wore the other one out. The problem being the ones I like I can only find at Meijer.......but I digress.

So, I'm looking for a suitable replacement, and find a cute, grey mousie that hangs from a door. Not lifelike at all like the old one, but still cute enough. AND - it made life like squeaky noises. Just little ones :) Seriously, they were really tiny. Barely audible. Pat gave me "the look" when I shook it to show him as if saying "Yes, that is a great idea. That won't be annoying at all at 3:00AM when she decides to play with it across the hall". I ignored him and we walked out of PetsMart with all our goodies in hand.

I got the look again about three minutes later when we hit a bump in the parking lot and we heard a faint little squeak coming from the back. And again. And again.

Yeah, that won't be annoying at all on the 5 hour drive home tomorrow!!!

Needless to day, the mousie toy was promptly returned to PetsMart after dinner. Hmmm...maybe I should start listening to this Pat O'Brien guy in the first place!

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