Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Wow! i can't believe its been over two weeks already since Liam has come into the world! Its been quite the transition from Coupledom to Familydom, but we're learning as we go, and finding our way into some resemblance of what will be normalcy. Right now, we're just working on the sleep thing....which has been interesting since little Liam doesn't really like to sleep anywhere except for cuddled on a nice warm body. Not to say that I blame him at all - that is an aweful nice place to sleep! It just makes it a bit difficult to get anything at all accomplished. When I don't have cuddle duty, I'm trying to catch a consecutive 90 minute section of sleep before he wakes up and would like another round of the 24 hour Karin buffet. That doesn't leave a lot of extra time for blogging, showering, cleaning or anything else for that matter.

Today is Liam & Mommy day - our first whole day alone! My dad left Monday night (after a litle over a week of helping out - my mom was here the week before) and Pat is in Wisconsin working all day and far, so good! I do have a friend who is a nanny that lives in the condo below, so I have an emergency plan, just in case I can't hack it alone :) I did just have a whole hour of baby sleep time - I got him to sleep in his crib/bassinet....but he's starting to stir now, so my time is numbered right now. I managed to eat breakfast, go to the bathroom uninterrupted, empty the dishwasher and watch 15 minutes of Regis & Kelly - AND blog paragraph or two!

Alas, now its time to change and feed, so I shall bid you all adieu......until next time!

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