Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Saturday, I had grand plans to head out to the Wheel Mobile and find my fame on the Wheel of Fortune…but I was also very lazy :) And, we thought we might be able to meet with a prospective nanny. She posted that she would be at a local dog Howl-O-Ween parade, and we thought that was a cool way to meet! Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to meet her, but we did get some great exercise, and see a plethora of fabulous little pups. The coolest of which had a costume of his kid, Michael, on (i.e. T-shirt) and Michael, subsequently, wore a costume of Bernie, the Bernese Mountain Dog. Oh – and the Bull Dog Bee was cute too. Here’s a photo montage – be sure to note the dogs dressed as Larry Craig and MSP Police – in their respective bathroom stalls :)

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