Saturday, October 13, 2007

Babies and Laughing. And smiles too.

They always say its just gas. Babies don't really smile or laugh - its always just gas. At least until they're about a month old and have the ability to recognize faces and such, and make the connection in their little brains.

But do you think babies can actually have funny thoughts? I dunno - Liam does the most hilarious thing when he's in that foggy land somewhere between wake and sleep. He smiles....and then he laughs. Seriously. Its a laugh. Its just hilarious and adorable! Pat and I have no idea what he's thinking we've decided he's chasing rabbits. I know, I know, that's something you say when a dog is barking or running in its sleep...but whatever. We're entitled to make things up.

:::::::::::::: VISITORS ::::::::::::::

Pat's sister & family came to visit yesterday - it was quite a nice treat :) Liam got to meet his cousins Larkin & a couple pics of them. Boo the Bear (who recently received a really creepy face transplant - so he looks rather weird now), Fred the Frog and Blankie are also featured. Note also Liam's "wiggleproof" socks from Carter's...not so much wiggle proof, but still cute and they keep little toesie's nice and warm.

Pat's mom also flew in yesterday as well - she's staying here as our helper for the next week and a half or so. We had a couple of days on our own with no help, and although peaceful I definitely missed having the extra set of hands around. It will be nice! She already made us chocolate chip cookies :)

:::::::::::::: WHAT ELSE? ::::::::::::::

Hmmm....Liam's 2 week check up went well - he chunked out at a healthy 1 pound heavier. He's 9 pounds 2 oz and growing. He's getting so big! His umbilical cord mostly fell off (save for a small gooey portion) and we're also doing pretty darn well at breastfeeding now. No nipple shields or any other attachments, which speeds things up quite a bit.

We also had a small victory this week with a sleeping stretch that lasted two sessions of three hours or so - completely in his own cradle! Basically I waited until he was pretty well conked out, wrapped him in his swaddle sleep sack and swaddled him nice and tight, and set him in the cradle. It was great. It was the first time Pat and I spent the night sleeping in the same bed.......
of course, when I tried the same thing last night it didn't work :( but I'll take it as a sign that things are improving in the sleep department. Slowly but surely!

Speaking of sleep, or lack's what I look like after two and a half weeks of not sleeping for more than 2.5 consecutive hours - for a total of maybe 6 hours a day if I'm really, really lucky:

and here's what I look like with the magic and wonder of Adobe Photoshop :) Much, much better! I {heart} Photoshop!

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Janelle said...

So I FREAKED OUT when I saw the red and white baseball shirt on him. I was like, THERE IS NO WAY THEY HAVE A RED SOX JERSEY ON HIM. But upon closer inspection it doesn't look like a Red Sox jersey. All I can say is that it better not be. If it is, you can expect a package full of baby Tigers clothes, complete with a hat with Magglio hair attached.