Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bah Humbug.

I forgot to mention the Christmas adventures we had.........

We had great travelling weather, both to and from Michigan. Christmas was fantastic, lots of food, family and friends.

The bad news befell us on Christmas Eve. My computer died. *sigh* The good news is that A) I have my work computer to still get online and such, and B) I backed everything up on the Friday before we left for Michigan. I did lose a couple of photos, including a whole bunch of adorable ones of Liam (but aren't they all adorable?) and a perfect photo of my mom's Christmas tree...but those two alone aren't worth the $250 it costs for hard drive recovery. So I'll cut my losses and move on.

I tried to restore the computer with a first aid disk, but no avail. The First aid disk tried to boot up Windows its just not worth it.

So now we're in the market for a new computer. At first, we were going to wait until February to do it (because of cash issues), but I just can't be without photoshop that long. Digital scrapbooking is my outlet - my creative release - and to not do it for that long would probably send me to the funny farm. So I think we'll be able to get one sooner. If I feel up to it this afternoon, we may go take a look see.

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