Thursday, January 03, 2008

Oh the Pressure

Sinus pressure - that is. I'm flipping miserable. I suppose I'm feeling better, at least good enough to write this post, but for the most part I feel like my head is going to explode. The pounding with each and every cough......the swelling of the tissue around my eyeballs.....its not pretty.

Each and every one of you needs to thank the sweet sweet Lord that you are able to take advantage of modern medicine and over the counter remedies. Without those OTC meds, you would feel like me - basically like poop warmed over. I can't take decongestants because I'm breastfeeding. Decongestants dry up mucous membranes (a good thing for colds, bad thing for breastmilk). Since I'm not ready to give breastfeeding up yet, I sit here and suffer.

It was so bad yesterday, after failed attempts to get a doctors appointment I went to an urgent care facility. I got a crunchy granola homeopathic doctor, who didn't perscribe me any medications.....she said antibiotics aren't the cure because she was pretty sure its just a viral infection, even though my history has told me that it almost always turns into a bacterial sinus infection. She said my old doctors were practicing "bad medicine" by perscribing me antibiotics...contributing to the countries over-perscription of antibiotics and development of antibiotic resistant super bugs.

I suppose she's right and all, but I just wanted some relief, you know? Instead, I got recomendations of nasal & sinus irrigation, tea with fresh ginger, personal vaporizors and a shit pile of menthol eucalyptus. My whole house smells like a Halls cough drop. At least thats what Pat says...not like I can actually smell anything.

OK - time to take a long, hot shower & maybe soak in the tub a bit. maybe then I'll actually be able to breathe.

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