Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Depression Update

In general, I've been feeling better, but not 100%. I finally made an appointment with an actual Psychaitrist to help manage my dosage.....I had the appoinment and we actually decided to change medicines. So, I went from Zoloft back to Wellbutrin. Its worked well for me in the past, so we'll see how she goes this time around. I started taking it, and its made me a bit nauseous, but it seems that those side effects always rear thier heads the first week or two.

I also had a physical last week too - I really liked the doctor. Very thourough and unpretentious. It took like, two hours, because I've really neglected my health for the past couple of years, focusing instead on pregnancy and keeping the baby healthy :) We went through it all - medical history, allergies, skin issues, depression/anxiety, nasal issues, etc. So, now I must make appointments for an ENT specialist, Dermatologist and Allergist to get everything else undercontrol. I started taking allergy pills, spray and nasal strips again, in hopes that it improves my sleep a little bit. I'm kind of bummed, because it means I'll be pill popping again (probably 4 or 5 per day) but if it gets be back on track health wise, I suppose its worth it. Each of those issues alone really aren't serious, but when you add them all up, it seems like I'm an unhealthy wreak. Which really isn't the case, but my health does need to improve.

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