Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Liam Update - 6 months 2 weeks

The doctors visit at the end of March went pretty well.....I was concerned more for me than I was for him. It was the first visit with shots....WITHOUT Pat to do the holding :) I held up OK, and he stopped crying pretty quickly. Liam's growing well - but more slowly. He's no longer at the tippy top of the charts in height and weight. His six month stats were:

Weight - 18 pounds 3 oz (75th percentile)
Height - 27 1/2 inches (90th percentile)
Head - 17 1/2 inches (50 - 75th percentile)

He's noticibly stretching out as of late, with less baby chub to fill him out, so he seems pretty skinny :) I suppose that means he's had a growth spurt, at least in the height department. He's growing out of the 9 month clothes we have, and racing into the 12 month old size.

Foods are going well - he's tried carrots, avacado, green beans, sweet peas, butternut squash, sweet potato, oatmeal, rice, pears and apples. I've got bananas, mangos and yellow squash on deck ready to go, but we've gotta wait a couple days in between new introductions. Carrots are pretty fun for him to eat, because it makes him poop orange. Not sure why I find that amusing, but there are stranger things, eh?

The most significant developmental achievement is sitting up! He's getting pretty darn good at it, not so much of a weeble wobble now anymore (although he does still do the occasional face plant). Liam much prefers sitting down and playing as opposed to tummy time. Go figure - he HATES being on his belly. He rocks back and forth too, which is cute...and making his legs stronger! He is really trying to pull himself up to stand, but we don't have much furniture for him to practice, so its just in his crib and changing table.

He also loves to laugh - he cracks up when other people laugh at him, and he likes to bang on things too. OH, and he also knows how to splash in the bathtub now as well - should make for lots of soakin' wet times :) He also laughs out loud and squeals whenever the cats come close by to him....he loves them!!! They come close to check him out, even give him a snuggle or two, but I'm pretty sure they don't love Liam yanking on fur & ears. He's learning though, and so are they. And they seem to have somewhat of an understanding as Liam is learning :)

For the most part, he's sleeping through the night more often than not, and generally has a pretty happy, sweet, smiley disposition. These statements are completely null and void during times of sickness and teething though :)

No more doctor visits (and no more shots! Hooray!) until 9 months....so, until then.....

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