Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Good Morning!

We've had a few days full of milestones lately for our little man. Not crawling quite yet - but he is soooo sooooo close! He has been a climbing machine!! Pulling up on everything and anything he can get his little grubby paws on :) Primarily, after getting home from daycare, he's been using Mommy and Daddy as his own personal mountains :) He just grabs and crawls and climbs all over us - quite adorable actually.

Also in the mobility department, he's also figured out how to get into the sitting position all by himself! He did it yesterday for the first time, and then this morning when I went in he was sitting up, smiling and just waiting for me. *sigh* he's so sweet! I went to get my camera, and when I came back in - I walked in to this:

I was impressed with the sitting - doubly so with the pulling up to standing :) Good thing we lowered the crib mattress a few days ago! I can't believe how much he's grown!!!

As you can see - his hair is also quite short. Mommy got a little over exuberant with the clippers again. Well, actually, Pat tried to cut it, but took a big chunk out of the side of his head - so I just evened it out. All over. Eh. It will grow back.

We also moved into the meat department of solid food yesterday. I made turkey and chicken.....although while it was cooling on the countertop I came to find a certain little small cat snacking on the chicken. *sigh* So, turkey was the only thing I was able to puree. Liam tried it yesterday and did NOT like it. At all. I don't blame him. Turkey is kind of gross all plain by itself. And pureed.

On the healing front - my nose is feeling pretty good. Slowly but surely weaning off the vicodin :) It still feels like a nasty boogery-scabby mess up there, but nothing I can do to fix it right now. No blowing. No picking. No nose spray. No nothing. Just putting up with it. Doctor's appointment is Thursday, so hopefully I'll have some more relief by then.

K - bed-y-bye time for Karin. Have a fabulous evening!

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