Friday, May 02, 2008

Stash Sale :)

Here's what I have advertised over at TheBabyWearer :)

I really tried to find the RS/MT love, but alas, I am a wrap girl, and am loving the two that I’m keeping for my stash. Feel free to make me an offer on prices, I’m still pretty new to the sale/trade gig so I don’t have a great feel for good pricing, but I tried my best to price the items fairly :) Also, try my on for trades….I’m really right now just into wraps – looking for a fun, colorful shorter GSW, (4.6 or shorter)……maybe an extra long strap MT, masculine or gender neutral colors…..or maybe perhaps an Ergo :) Try me out :)

TaylorMade Wine Duponi Silk Ring Sling – Size M. Purchased from a sweet mama in January, tried it on for about 5 minutes, and that’s it. Beautiful color, really soft and broken in – no snags or damage that I can find. Original seller mentioned that the bottom rail had frayed and was fixed, but I can’t find it LOL - $40

Enchanted Snuggle MT – Detroit Lions – Extra Long Straps 92 inches)! Purchased from same sweet mama, super soft and cuddly, padded top straps, very supportive, but the size just doesn’t work for us. Great MT for any daddy, lions fan, or if you don’t like the Lion’s you can just use it for a “I don’t care if this one gets too dirty because its hella durable” spare MT - $35

BBO Calaveras/Zebra – 2nd owner, purchased in January. LOVE this pattern, fun and funky – always get lots of compliments on it, and used it quite frequently. Washed a couple of times. I just really need extra long straps to make it work perfectly, so I don’t reach for it as much as I should! Its hard to see, but the Alexander Henry Calaveras fabric has gold shimmer throughout – it really is gorgeous - $70

EllaRoo Kristen Size M – Just over 4.6 meters (without the fringe) – I’m the original owner. This was my first wrap after graduating from a Moby LOL :) Loved her – wore her constantly, just really don’t need so many choices, and I reach for others first. She’s freshly washed, but definitely broken in and nice and soft. No damage/snags to note, other than the EllaRoo tag is hanging by one side - $55

Last but not least, fabulous colorgrown Didymos Lars Size 8 – it was sold to me as a size 7 – but actually measures 5.7 meters. Purchased from original owner locally in Chicago – great condition! I wore it only once for a walk around the town, and it’s really just too long for me! The color is more beige-y than sage-y (if that makes any sense, LOL!) Comes with original brochure and DVD - $150

I will happily accept all types of Paypal! Prices include Priority shipping with insurance to anywhere in the US, but definitely willing to ship international if you cover the extra postage. We have a smoke free home, and two fabulous furry kitties - I do my best to keep the carriers completely clean, but don’t be surprised if you find a stray hair or two :) Please note that I do measure my wraps and look them over, but I’m not the most anal retentive person in the world so if I’m off by a centimeter or two or if I miss a very small flaw, please accept my sincerest apologies! Cheers!

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