Friday, May 02, 2008

New Beginnings......

I've written this post in my head a thousand times over the past couple of days. Its hard to know where to start, what to write, what to cover. Complicated and simple I guess.

Here's the short and simple version. I lost my job on Wednesday.

And the long version. I had just gone to get a manicure and pedicure at Lunch time on Wednesday. Just a little treat to make myself feel pretty. Indeed, it worked. I picked a pretty different color for me. Kind of a translucent blue with purpley-pink shimmers. Really pretty - even Pat liked it :)

On the drive home I got a call from our HR manager. In so many words, he said my position had been eliminated due to recession planning. Basically, our company is freaking out because the economy is crap, pricing is crap, we're not selling much of anything, and we're not making as much money as we would like to. Honestly, I have no doubt we're still making money. All these cuts in spending and personell will ensure that, and I suppose thats good business sense. I knew that in the event something like this happened to our company, that my job would be at high risk of being cut, because its pretty much non-essential to the business. It does create value, it does provide a important service....but when it comes down to it promotion costs money, and doesn't directly contribute to the bottom line.

And, I had a feeling that this was coming when I caught word that another co-worker, in a similar promotion based position was being let go. I figured it would be a matter of time.

A matter of time is now.

So, I was caught off guard - I was upset - sad - betrayed - blah blah blah. I even cried for a bit on Wednesday day night (after too much wine, mind you). I even cried because Jason Grilli was traded to the Rockies.....(I vaguely recall babbling between drunken cries "But, what if Grilli misses working in Detroit? What if he misses his work buddies?" sob sob - that GOODness he's gone, really, he was a terrible relief pitcher......but it was pretty funny I was upset about it). But now, I really felt good about the whole thing. Yes, its sucky, but really we are in the best possible position to be in if this were to happen. I'm just going to put the following benefits / options in list form, just because that's how they seem to be coming out in my mind.....
  1. I got a pretty darn good severance package. I can't talk about the details (I signed something saying I wouldn't - along with saying I wouldn't sue the company) but lets just say I feel adequately compensated.
  2. Overall, we're in really great financial health. We've got substantial savings, and our only debt is a small balance of my college loan, and our mortgage. That is a great place to be.
  3. We had contemplated me staying home with Liam for some time, we most likely can flourish on one salary with lots of adjustment in our spending of course - but that would be a great situation.
  4. Maybe we want to make more babies :) Soon :)
  5. Of course, if I want to find another full-time career related job I have no doubts with my qualifications, experience and dazzling personality that I would be able to find a great job with out much problem, even in this economy.
  6. Maybe this will be an opportunity for me to work part time at something I really enjoy retail, or some kind of fun direct sales gig. Not necessarily for the money, but for the social aspect and to get me out of the house.
  7. We're still not quite sure if we're going to try to sell our place to look for a new house yet.....but now that we're going to be stopping daycare, it opens up our options a bit. Oh yeah, that's another thing. I was soooo sad to tell Josefina that we wouldn't be brining Liam after the next two weeks. We're continuing for two weeks just because when we signed our daycare agreement, we said we would do so - and it just seems like the right thing to do. I just know how much she loves Liam, and I don't want to put her under any financial hardship either....I'm thinking maybe I can help her find another little one to care for.
  8. After next week, I won't have a car.....and I have to get a new phone. As long as we're in the city, its not that big of a deal. Public transportation is ample, and we won't need to buy another car. If we move to the 'burbs though - that might be a different story.
So, thats pretty much it. I'm in a really good place right now. Calm. Excited. Ready for a new begining. When Pat and I busted open a bottle of sparkling wine on Wednesday night, we toasted to a "New Chapter". New beginnings. I like the sound of that! I'm so thankful to have such a wonderful and supporting husband......having a partner like him makes going through something like this a million times more bearable. I LOVE YOU PAT - no matter what decision we make, I know we will be just fine. Everything will work out - for the best!


Emily said...

Karin, it really sounds like you've got your head in the right place about this. So, while losing your job is not the greatest thing in the world, there seems to be a lot of good coming out of it.

Good luck with your new beginnings!
-Emily (from the board.. if you don't know who I am, just ask and I'll PM you!)

Amy said...

Hey girl, I'm so sorry you lost your job. But really, it sounds like you guys will be fine. I'm sure a lot of couples would love to be in your financial and emotional position after losing a job. I also vote for more babies!! Hopefully I can see the little man in July!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!Karin-how pefectly the stars are aligned for ...more babies & what a great time to be home with Liam- the time flies! Just remember..everything happens for a reason!! Let's just call it- The Best Promotion..ever (full-time MOM)!--Gina R