Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Fun

Friday night was a party all night kinda night for us - we played a game of chess (it was my turn to choose) and then watched a documentary about the City of Chicago from the beginning 'til 1871 (the year of the fire). It was actually pretty damn awesome. I know, not a very exciting night to most folks, but I love having nights like that with my man. *sigh* Even if he did fall asleep half way though :)

Yesterday Pat and I went to the Lion House for a dinner function at The Lincoln Park Zoo. VERY cool :) The food was awesome, and the conversation was fantastic - and it was just sooooo cool to have conversation interrupted by Lions roaring right next to you. Really neat-o burrito.

The babysitter we had last night was also fantastic - it feels good to start building a network of people I can trust to care for Liam when we want to go out and about. So far, we have two - and I'd like to add two more to the mix......we're still wading through applications and such on - but I know we'll find some more good people there.

Today, we went to the Nature Museum using a Passport from the Chicago Public Library. Basically, you check out this passport and you don't have to pay general admission! They have it for zoo's, museums, Shedd, any Chicagoland public attraction. I can't wait to use it more often! You can only check them out for 7 days, but really, to save $30 on admission is totally worth it!!!

Anywho - the Museum was kind of lame-o, but we did manage to have a good time and get a few good photos :)

Here's Liam exploring a fish tank filled with - well, bubbles.

Little man with Daddy on the slide:

Awww - Liam's just soooo cute :) Even if he can't really crawl yet through the tubes!

Liam and Daddy waiting to exit the butterfly haven. Daddy doesn't really like bugs. Even if they are pretty.

Ooohhh - pretty bugs.

Other big news - Liam is a crawler! I can't believe it - he's sooo cute about it too. When he tries to think about it and crawl, his little legs get all jumbled up.....but, when he drops a toy and it rolls away, BAM - he's after it like lightening!! Without even thinkin' about it. I can't believe how much he's growing (I know, cliche, right?). He's also still quite the standin' up pro too - even lets go and stands on his own for a couple of seconds. And pulling up is a piece of cake now. Baby stuff :) We really need to baby proof's some video I *tried* to catch of him doing it....he'll go a good couple feet now!

Liam and I are going to visit Mema & Papa and the rest of the family tomorrow for a couple of days. The whole plan was to go watch Karli's last softball games of the season, but turns out she sprained her knee, and who knows if she'll actually be playing. It will work out well though, because we won't see them again until the train fare will be worth it either way! I hope the ride goes smoothly! It can't be worse than driving alone with him.......:) I hope!

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