Friday, July 18, 2008

Shedd and a naughty boy

Its 8:30pm and definitely bedtime, and Liam does NOT want to go to bed. Does NOT. He just screams and screams and screams. This has only been happening since our return from our vacation. He also does the same thing from about 2:30am - 5:00 Am. So you can sense our *complete and utter* exhaustion. We can go in there and try to console him, but the second we leave the screaming begins again. I hate hearing him scream, but there really isn't any choice rather than to let him cry it out. Otherwise he'll just stay up with us until all hours of the night, and he can't do that. Trust me, we've tried umpteenth number of consolation techniques......and those haven't worked. I hope this is just a phase and he grows out of it.

As far as our aquarium visit, Liam was a very very good boy at Shedd today - we had a great visit with Mollyface and her friend Ani. His favorite part was the coral reef and shark areas.....he loved looking at the fishies :)

The naughty part of this post actually took place this afternoon. I was sitting at the computer, watching him play out of the corner of my eye. He creeps over to the hallway, near where the cat food and water is located. He's just kind of sitting, contemplating what to do next in his baby life....and the little stinker slowly turned his head and glanced over his shoulder to see if I was watching him (which I was) and then took off STRAIGHT to the cat food area and full speed. Cracking up the whole time KNOWING full well he's not supposed to go over there. What a stinker. But oh so cute :)

I'm headed to CHA tomorrow - and we've got another showing in the AM. Then we're headed to IN to bid adios to Pat's parents! Have a great weekend!

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