Saturday, July 12, 2008

Last Leg

We had a great time at Cedar Point, and we are now chillin' in Cleveland, OH, on the last leg of our whirlwind Tour of the Midwest! The O'Brien Family Reunion is in full force, and we had a great time last night....Liam and I meeting everyone for the first time, and Pat catching up with old family members. It was actually really nice! Not that I expected it to not be, but sometimes meeting extended family members can be a bit overwhelming! I think it helped that I've cyber "met" some of the members online, which makes remembering names a bit easier :)

The facility is really nice - we're at a Crown Plaza. The rooms are very pretty, we got a Stellar deal on room rates, AND the pool is AWESOME! Nice and big, with lots of seating round the stamped concrete surround. When you walk in the pool room, its warm, and the chlorine does not sting your eyeballs, which is always a good sign. Moe did a great job planning and picking the joint, so mucho kudos to her.

I did imbibe a little too much last night on Vodka Tonics.....but I felt pretty good last night (as in NOT drunkasaurus rex) so I didn't think I'd have a headache in the AM, but I did. And I kept on vurping Cheeze Its too because that was the last thing I munched on before crashing. Eww. I don't think I'll be eating those again anytime soon. However, now at 11:00Am, I'm feeling refreshed and good and ready for another day of fun activities. Not quite right now though, because Mr. Liam is sleeping :)

OK, so now whilst Liam is in sleepy land, I'm going to sort through the zillion photos I've taken. Hopefully I'll make some progress.

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Anonymous said...

We had a great time too! I'm so happy you're part of this crazy clan. We should totally come see you guys in Chicago some time, or you should make a New England visit!