Sunday, July 27, 2008


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myspace layout

Happy 32nd Birthday to my amazing husband!!!!

This birthday cake making experience was a bit better than last year - but I didn't get a chance to exude my mad cake decorating skilz because all of my tools are in storage. But, I made do with what we had, and the cupcakes with chocolate frosting came out delicious and pretty. Mission accomplished.

Liam gave both of us a wonderful present this morning. He woke up at 6:00AM, took his bottle and then went back to sleep. UNTIL 10:00AM!!! Do you know how long its been since we've slept in that late?!??! About 10 months. That's how long its been. Besides that, we didn't do much today - went for a fantastic run and then spent some time cleaning (for the record, I made it very clear that Pat didn't have to do any cleaning....but he declined), and ate a couple of great meals. We already celebrated a bit on Thursday at our cooking class, and I bought tickets for us to see The Dark Knight at IMAX tomorrow afternoon. But it was a nice day overall :)

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