Friday, November 07, 2008

My kid is adorable

No, seriously. He is. Way more adorable than most children :)

His big gig right now is dancing. Well, its less like dancing and more like bouncy-type squats. It looks like he's working hard core his glutes and quads. Anyway, I was getting all "awww - he's so adorable and loves my singing" because in the AM when I go to wake him up, he started dancing in his crib to my songs. Rise & Shine and You Are My Sunshine - a couple of really snappy tunes.

Then, yesterday I was printing out recipes for Momfia recipe exchange.....and I look over to a cute little boy really breakin' it down. TOTALLY dancin' his little heart out. Except there was no music. Just the slow rythmic sound of the inkjet printer. Yes, Liam was dancing to the printer noises. *sigh* I guess that doesn't say much for my singing does it?


EC said...

That is so stinkin' cute! I love it!

Kate said...

AWESOME! I love it! He is definitely cuter than most kids. I adore that little guy!