Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Tribute to Uncle Dan - from my Tia Monica

I was sent this from my Tia Monica today - I thought it was beautiful so I figured I would share. We lost Uncle Dan unexpectedly yesterday morning.....


A Tribute to my brother Dennis.

It happen to soon, it wasn’t a good time, I wasn’t ready. It just doesn’t seem real. I feel like I am in a fog and so alone. They say it will pass, but I really don’t know. To lose such a wonderful brother.

And yes God I understand it is your will, you have a plan that we can’t even imagine yet. But you also have given us tears to cry, a head that hurts so bad because we miss our big brother, Our arms that are now empty for that one brother who filled a special place. Our hearts hurt so bad we don’t know what to do.

The one who always reminded us what being a family is, the one that always brought the yesteryears of Christmas every year. Nutcrackers and lots of presents! The ugliest tree he could find…he was a true Charlie Brown because when he was done decorating it, the trees true beauty
shined. And how about his never ending collection of Christmas music.

Do you remember?

Do you remember the one who could party with his friends and family, Party like its 1999. Lord we are grateful to have know a brother who has touch hundreds and hundreds in his life. Not everyone could do that but Dennis did it with ease and no effort. His generosity was his trademark and it was real, not just to show others how generous he was because I know of many more times his generosity was anonymous. It was as sincere as his heart.

I can’t seem to forget that I should have called my brother more often. I told him that next year we would start going to the football games with him again. Sorry to say I was too busy this year. How could any of us know that this would be our last opportunity? I loved the way he always dogged my MSU Team and I love teasing him about MI. It was all in love and fun. He even called me after the big game this year and told me that he would listen for five minutes of me bragging and then I have to leave him alone. That’s because State won MI. Now I wish it would have been the other way around.

And even though I am not ready to say goodbye, I am so grateful Lord that you sent this Angel to touch our lives. That I had the opportunity to call him brother, but more important that I had the opportunity to call him my friend. You all know what I am talking about because he had
a way of making each one of us feel as if we were the most important. And I want you to look at me now when I say, each of you are the most important. I am grateful for the friends Danny & Mary brought into our lives because we probably would not have know each other or crossed

And so Lord, I do trust you. You have called your son to go home. I put my faith in your hand to care for him and to take him to the holy kingdom. And don’t get mad at Dad, David, Gabe and Danny if they stop on the way to have a beer. Its all good. Its all in love.

We shall meet again my brother and I will cherish what you have given me and the family for eternity.

Your Little Black Girl


LibraQueen said...

"As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death." -Leonardo da Vinci

I think this applies to someone who was so kind, funny, and caring in his life! :)

Kate said...

I'm so sorry Karin. What a tragedy. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

jillacarter said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Aunt!