Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Seriously folks - note pad time!

I really need to carry around a note pad with me. Or maybe get an iPhone and blog on the go :) I have so many great ideas - so many different feelings and experiences that I want to share throughout the course of any given day....but by time I get a chance to sit and decompress and blog - the moment has passed and exhaustion sets in and then there is nothing to share.

For example.....had a great time in St. Louis! Have some fab photos to share.....but they're not uploaded quite yet so that will have to wait. Monday we spent in Forest Park and at the zoo....yesterday was spent on an Architectural walking tour and at the Arch. Beautiful weather, and a beautiful city!

During the walking tour we also spent some time at the old courthouse, where the Dred Scott Trial was held, and, during Liam's nap time I was able to watch Iron Jawed Angels in its entirety. Between a slave suing for his freedom, a woman's right to vote, and all the election coverage...suffice it to say it was a pretty intense day emotionally for me. I felt so grateful for those people who have fought for my right to cast a vote, and to be able to cast that vote for a Black man....and for that man to be our next leader......

Wow. Was I ever proud. I'm not gonna lie, tears were shed. During the movie....during McCain's concession speech......this morning reading USA Today.......I'm so proud to be an American. God Bless the USA.


LibraQueen said...

you should get an iPhone! My brother has one and it does so much, I think it is now a permanent fixture of his hand! ;)

Anonymous said...

If you don't want to spend so much on an iPhone, there are other phones that do pretty much the same type of stuff that aren't quite as expensive. Depends on what you would use it for.

<3 janelle

P.S. my mom really wants to come visit you! so do I !