Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ziggy the Zebra visit

Here's a post from bulletin board :) Our board mascot came to visit us!!!!


First things first....Emily, nice try covering for Ziggy. He told me all about it. He wasn't hidden in your clean laundry.....he was in Zebra REHAB!! Decided he liked the drinky drink a little to much and checked himself in. Its OK now Em, everything is open and honest here, and we don't think any different of him now, do we???

Anywhoozers - Liam, Honeybuns and I really enjoyed our time with Zig man.....and lets just say, I don't think his stint in rehab helped him all that much......I mean, he was hangin' out with the Irish/Mexican folk for a while!

Lookie what we got!!! I'm soooo excited!

Liam, um....not so much. "NO MOM!!! Not the box. NOT THE BOOOOoOOooOOOOOX!"

First thing Zig-man lays down for me when he gets out of the box is this...."Lady, you gotta help a Zebra fix his hair! This 'do is WACK!"

So, I take him to get his hair did. Looks much better, and he says he feels so refreshed!

"Alright, alright...this dude seems pretty cool. Has good taste in colors...."

"Hey Ma! Did you hear this guy? He says he's been all over. Even to Montana!? MONTANA!!! Can you believe this guy!?"

Yes my dear friends, sometimes my son is a bit dramatic. He loves Ziggy. Then he hates him. Then he loves him again. Its like a tortured artist. "Enough of this silly Zebra!! I wash my hands of you!! BE GONE!"

Liam and the Zigster watching Sesame Street on the Spiderman couch...."Yeah, watch this segment Ziggy! This Elmo guy CRACKS me up!"

Has anyone seen a little boy with a red Zebra?? I can't find them ANYWHERE!! No trace of them at all....hmmmm....maybe they are plotting against me.

There they are! "Peek-A-Boo!" Liam actually covered his eyes this time. Usually, its one hand over his eye, the other one on an ear, or on the top of his get the idea :)

"Zebra? What Zebra? I don't see no stinkin' Zebra here."

Ziggy helps Liam get ready for bed by reading "Tails" together. Ziggy says "Hey!! I've got a tail too!" while Liam sips on some warm milk.

Ziggy, Hugo the Hippo and Liam are all pretty sleepy after a long day of livin' it up.

The next morning (this morning) we all wake up and get ready for what is usually the biggest game of the season....Michigan vs. Ohio State. Sad to say, this year has been a horrific one for Michigan Football....the worst in 129 seasons to be exact. Which was reason enough to break out the booze and for Ziggy to fall off the wagon. It's going to be a long one. Besides...its tough to be a University of Michigan fan when you're all RED!!! And yes, our TV is gigundic. Definitely a Honeybuns purchase...his last before Liam was born LOL :)

Hooray! There is hope!!! "WHOOO HOOO!! Michigan Scored!!"

Halftime of the UM/OSU game....While hope was still alive and before we were crushed to oblivion. Ziggy doesn't quite belong, he's the only one without Michigan Cool Pants :)

After the football game debacle, we headed out to see some sights. "WHOA! Chicago is AWESOME!!!!!!"

"Hmmm....should I go for a refreshing dip in Lake Michigan??"

Crusin' on Lakeshore Drive

Ziggy sitting patiently in traffic {AGAIN} after visiting Piggy Toes trying to find Liam some shoes for his freakishly chubby fat feet. To no avail I might add. Well, we couldn't find a pair that was less than $60....which is just ridiculous.

Mmmmm.....Is Ziggy thinkin' what I'm thinkin?? I think he is :) STILL off the wagon :)

Daddy, Liam and Ziggy walking to the condo after an afternoon in the city. No garages or driveways for these city folks! By the way, this really bites on a COLD day!!! Today was a warm 30-ish with a chilly lake breeze.

Adios Chicago!! We had an AWESOME visit - Safe travels Ziggy as he's off to see Liane and Alyssa!!!

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