Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Another Mexico Update

I've figured out that it is much more effective to voice your concerns to a Senior Vice President than to vent in anger in a blog. Blogging feels good, especially if you do it right away - but if you calm down and look at the situation rationally, and then talk to someone with power things actually might get done.

I had a quick meeting with our SVP today about my desires - and he expressed his concerns about the position not being challenging enough and not bringing enough value to Holcim US upon my return. We talked about that amongst other things, and essentially I made it known to him that I wanted the experience abroad (something I couldn't get at some other lab in the US) and I thought the value of the international assignment couldn't just be measured in what my job responsibilities are. All and all a positive conversation - at the end of which he said "well, you're probably going to go".....

Of course, since he's the SVP, he can always change his mind for whatever reason. I do however think the concerns he does have are valid - and I do believe him to be a very fair and reasonable man. So whatever the decision is I'll be down with.

Hopefully we'll know soon.......

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