Thursday, March 03, 2005

Jeep Jeep you stink......

Pink Pink you stink. Somehow I transformed that saying into JEEP JEEP YOU STINK. I'm not sure how it happened. Sometimes its best just to not try to figure me out.

Anyway. Yes, we have a Jeep Wrangler. It has a personalized license plate. JPSTER. Corny, yes, but I like it that way. Troy had it as his primary vehicle when we met. I even learned how to drive it - my first stick shift! Part of the Sig Tau tradition in Houghton was taking Jeeps and other 4WD vehicles out on the old logging roads and gallivanting through the mud. We never got stuck, but it was always fun when someone did - or when someone's little Ford went through water too deep and sucked it up the intake :)

There's even a "club". People with Jeeps wave to each other. Whoever has the lowest scoring Jeep waves first. Its so darn friendly. That initially was my favorite part of being a Jeep owner. I think last time I figured we had a score about 60. Not too shabby! Check out the rules at

The little Jeep that could made it out to CO (Keith and Troy drove it out together. I imagine it wasn't the most comfortable 21 hour drive, but it could have been worse). It got a face lift (and a suspension and body lift!) in order to brave the 4WL rock crawlin' of Colorado. We loved traipsing through the mountains! I was only scared once when Troy almost drove off a cliff going down a trail he didn't know. Seriously scared the crap out of me.

Jeep owners in Colorado don't wave either. Mostly because if they kept that up, you'd literally be waving every two seconds down the street. I swear thats the highest per capita population of Jeeps in the USA. And there are lots of pimped out Jeeps to climb mountains with. I think people had a hard time determining who had to wave first.

We had it transported back to MI (along with my truck). After I got a company car, we decided to make it a FUN vehicle. And we promised to never ever sell it so our kids will A) learn how to drive a stick and B) have a cool vehicle to cruise around town. Lets face it, there’s not many things much more fun than driving with a obnoxiously loud stereo with the top down on a warm sunny day!!!

Every time we get a little bit in debt and get freaked out, we talk about selling the Jeep.

Every time we get back in the Jeep, we wonder why we talk about selling it.

It will be officially paid off this summer. I’m pretty sure it’s the first vehicle either of us have owned, free and clear. We wish we had more time to use it for what it’s built, but we don’t have the time. Really though, we love that vehicle, and even if it’s not muddy all the time, we’re still Jeepers through and through.

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EEWW14 said...

I did not know you two were Jeep people. Eric and I have been the proud parents of an 03 Liberty Blue Jeep for 2 years now. There's LOTS of Jeeps in Florida too. We were completely confused by the waving thing at first, but we get it now. There's even Camp Jeep in the summer! We'd like to attend that sometime too. Jeeps just making running errands so much more fun! Our goal is to drive it up to Michigan this summer and take it on the dunes. So although I can't see you in your Jeep, let me salute and wave you!!! It's a Jeep thing. . . .(P.S. ours is an automatic, I could NEVER drive a stick! Kudos to you!)