Monday, March 07, 2005

Mexico Update

Funny - there is no update! Surprise!

But, I do have some updates on my feelings. Truth be told, I feel kind of jipped. I really thought the potential of doing an international assignment was real. In fact, its one of the reasons I chose this company out of college instead of the other offers I had - even though the other companies had higher salaries.

I suspect if I had chosen to stick to my guns and push for a process engineers position instead of taking the marketing route, I would have many many more opportunities to work abroad. I truly think that this company (and I'm sure others too) have a tendency to favor those in a "technical" role. Whether people chose to admit it or not, those who work in a plant and have technical backgrounds devalue the intelligence and gifts that it takes to work for a Sales Group - they inherently think that we're not as smart as they are.

Also, I think in addition to the above predjudice is the theory that money (for an international assignment) is better spent on someone who has the potential to rise to a plant manager - which will have more effect on the companies bottom line than someone in sales and marketing. So there are no qualms about providing said manufacturing people with more opportunities.

Am I bitter? YES! Of course I'm bitter! If you saw a wonderful opportunity slipping away when you knew you were highly able to take on the task, definitely smart and intelligent, and WORTH it, wouldn't you be bitter too?

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Me said...

Who do i need to administer a WWE style smackdown on? Wait, a second, who am i fooling? I'm a wimp...Well, i may be a wimp, but im feeling your pain and wish i could make it better!