Friday, March 18, 2005

Vegas Baby!

Aside from the fact that Troy hated Vegas, we had a good trip. He just doesn't understand the concept of gambling and isn't much of a social flutterby type of guy. So the flashing lights and outrageous people irratated him more than anything. And his feet hurt from walking too much. Poor baby. Try walking the same amount in 4 inch hot pink heels.

The business portion of the trip was well done - meetings and training and rah rah sessions, along with a serioulsy elaborate customer reception on Tuesday night (customers were there visiting ConExpo/ConAgg - which is the largest trade show in Vegas). The best pasta I've had in a while. YUMMY! Of course the accomodations were supurb. Love the venetian. Kinda snooty, but really nice!

We caught a show (Zumanity - the other side of Cirque de Soliel). The show was actually pretty darn good - aside from the dark fetishes they explored. Erotic, funny and entertaining - hey, it is Cirque de Soliel. There were also prosthetic penises involved which were hilarious.

We also gambled a bit (me more than Troy) and ate and drank a lot. Mad props to Pat for letting us hang with his dad, brother and friend on Wednesday night - hopefully they did better betting on the Big Dance than they did at the BlackJack tables!

I won $150 the first night there playing blackjack - and gave it all back over the course of the days after that. We actually broke even - aside from the shopping at Lacoste and Tiffany's :)

I love Vegas. I think its the energy of people letting loose and having fun. It could be the lights too - I like sparkley things. Of course, I'm a bit naive (I admit it!)- so I choose not to see the plethora of strippers/cheating/prostitues/drug use - that would ruin it all for me!


Me said...

Did u really need the diamonds, Karin?

Kimberly said...

i like the vegas too...i think it is the lights