Wednesday, April 27, 2005

¡Bienvenido a ciuadad de Mexico!

Hi Everyone! Sorry about the lack of posting. I am a busy busy girl. I am currently sitting in the business center of the hotel in Mexico City, getting ready to return from our visit to Toluca and the Concrete Technology Center. WOW! what a trip! It was much better than I expected, and it really looks like it will be a very good fit for Holcim US and Holcim Apasco. AND i got a leather portfolio as a gift, with "El Perro" on the front. Ilove that Apasco bulldog!

Anway, by the sounds of things, the move date will be around the first of August, if Human Resources moves quickly.

My spanish has also improved greatly in the three days we have been here. and i have another week and a half to go in Cancun - i will be fluent before i know it.

Well, back to the room to pack, our flight leaves soon. Please, send lots of prayers my way - i have got a wild and crazy road ahead of me!


eunice said...

YAY!!! i'm so excited for you... i'm glad things are working out, you've been looking forward to this for a long time. i have no doubt that once you're there, you will be fluent in spanish in no time. plus, then i definitely have a vacation destination. just try to keep me away.... =D

Me said...

Totally b*tchin!!!

Me said...