Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Updates - no contemplation

Alright, apparantly I burned myself out with all that introspection. Now, I'm back to my normal happy-go-lucky self without all that "deepness".

So, here's the update. I've been given clearance to take a pre-assessment assignment by our relocation company to identify my weaknesses/strengths etc. Before you jump ahead by wondering why the heck they would want to do something like this, let me tell you that I gladly volunteered to be the guinea pig. Holcim HR has wanted to implement something like this for a while, and I'm always up for new things, so its a good fit.

After the assessment, which will be approximately a day long of interviews and psycho/socio analysis, we will go on a site visit to Toluca for a few days. After that point a offer letter will be drafted and signed and I will be on my way.......Really though, I probably won't be able to get out for a site visit until mid-May, which means if everything goes smoothly (and lets face it, up until this point it hasn't) we won't be moving until late summer early fall. Which actually works out well because that means I can have some time to do Cedar Point once more, and maybe get a week of camping in or so.

I should be ecstatic - but with all the ups and downs I've gone trhough this whole process I'm being slightly reserved. I figure I'll have more emotion when I'm down there visiting, and meeting my potential co-workers. In any regard, there are some huge potenital life changes ahead for me!

On another happy note I got a new computer yesterday. The company decided to make the move from Toshiba to IBM. Its not too bad - increased memory, speed, and wireless internet - but they didn't load any games on it at all, which makes me kind of angry. Granted, I don't have the time to sit and play solitare all day and night, but occasionally your brain does need a little break. I'm just going to have to download them myself.

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EEWW14 said...

hey! we want to go to cedar point this summer too. let us know when you're going! we're heading up that way too. know it's a long shot, but it's a thought!