Friday, April 01, 2005

Meet me in St. Louis....

Had a fantabulous time in St. Louis this week. It was pretty cool being there with all the buzz about the Final Four games this weekend. I had a couple moments of weekness when I wanted to steal some of the hotel decor/final four garb as a momento for my sister-in-law, but I figured if she wanted some of that crap she'd be able to get it. The woman has more connections than any 20-something should have.

I spent the time in St Louis at our plant in Clarksville, which is actually about an hour or so north of St Louis. There's no place to stay in the immediate vacinity, so St Charles is a good choice. It has brand name hotels, a Walmart close by, and plenty of things to entertain yourself in the evening.

I don't think anyone really understands how much hard work goes into concrete testing. 40 different mixes in two days is backbreaking work. Of course, I only did one day of testing so my back didn't hurt that bad :) I also learned how to strip concrete cylinders and grind off the tops. Very informative, even if Concrete Joe did yell at me for not making my 8's correctly (FYI - they are supposed to look like snowmen).

Aside from the po-dunk cities and back breaking labor, the weather was nice, and of course there was good company. So all in all, I had a really great trip. I enjoy getting together with my fellow tech service engineers (i.e. concrete nerds a-go-go). I always end up learning new methods or information, having great conversation, and the people are just so damn enjoyable. I wish we could get together more often.....

Lucky for me, I get to see one of them, the Manly Irish/Polish Man who covers Chi-Town, next week, and then again in NYC for the American Concrete Institue's Spring Convention. Yes, there is an American Concrete Institute. Don't laugh, you all know you wish you could know as much about concrete as me. I'm a very passionate person......even if it is just the grey stuff!

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