Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Oh the PAIN!!!!

OK, I'm back. Yesterday was a heck of a day. Pat O'Brien took me to the hospital about 5:45AM or so, and I was processed right away. I was actually quite impressed with the efficiency of the hospital. I was back in Pre-op by 6:30, and in the operating room by 7:30 - right on schedule. I was first for the day, so my surgeon showed up in jeans, a big belt buckle holding an apple. It was good to say hi right before though. Seemed like a nice enough guy.

The person we spent the most time with was the anesthesiologist (sp?) resident who took care of me. He was a big dude, which looked hilarious since he was wearing a colorful surgical hat with monkeys all over. The big dude (Jason was his name, I think) talked me into having an epidural instead of a general anesthesia - even though I was pretty much dead set against it before I arrived. Turned out to be a great idea - I thought if I chose the epidural I would be awake and freaking out, but I ended up being sedated and put to sleep, I just woke up and didn't have any nausea or anthing. It was a wise decision, I highly reccomend it.

I really didn't get a chance to freak out - I was pretty darn proud of myself. Pat O'Brien got to stay with me through Pre-op, and by time I left to go to the operating room I was feeling pretty happy with some relaxing drugs, so it was easy to leave :)

After the surgery was all done, there really wasn't any pain because everything was still asleep. Although, it was weird waiting for my butt and legs to "come to". My butt was the last to get feeling. I guess usually your toes get awake first, and then works its way up, but I was opposite - it went thighs, hips, calves, toes then butt. I guess I've never been one to be conventional.

And, I almost passed out like three times during recovery. Don't really know why - I guess I'm just a sissy. My blood pressure at the lowest was 70/40; freaked the nurse and Pat out a little bit, but I fought the urge and didn't lose conciousness.

OK - time to take more drugs and sleep. Thanks to all who have sent well wishes - it means a lot to have people thinking of me :)

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