Monday, April 23, 2007

Its Official!

Its official peeps!

29 1/3 years cavity free! I got my teeth cleaned this morning and they look (and feel) fabulous! Have I mentioned that my dentist rocks? Such a nice guy! And he made my yellow toof go away before the wedding (some kind of bonded veneer) so I don't look like a hillbilly anymore!

Its official peeps!

I am now Karin Therese O'Brien! I had my name officially changed and put on my brand spankin' new Illinois Driver's License. I have had driver's licenses in three states - Michigan, Colorado & Illinois. This picture is quite possibly the best one I've taken though - really fabulous dahhh-links. I had to surrender my old license, and also take a vision and written test. I was worried about the written test, but turns out I only missed one out of 35. I was bummed out though, even though the chick said "But you can miss up to seven". Well lady, let me tell you - I don't want to miss even ONE. Sub par performance I tell you. I guess I just didn't bring my A game.

There was a little bit of hullabaloo over changing it from Karin Therese Mayer Kelsey to Karin Therese O'Brien though. I shouldn't have changed my middle name in the first place - having two middle names just throws people off all the time. I thought having two middle initials would bring me fame and fortune - all the famously rich people do it. But really, over the past six years I've come to realize its totally not worth it. Most systems can't accept two middle initials. It just amounts to being a huge pain in the ass.

Anyway, after some consultation with the head honcho it was all straightened out. But now I have the pleasure of dealing with having an unusual last name. Is it O'Brien or O'Brian? Oh, we can't accept apostrophe's so should it be O BRIEN or OBRIEN? Top that off with having 1/2 in my address, and I'm making data entry just difficult! (yes, its 5926 1/2 - if your system can't accept halves, 5926.5 is fine - if not, just type out 5926 and a half) *sigh* my life is so hard.

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Anonymous said...

Just wait till junk mail starts coming to "Karin O. Brien"!


Juanelle O. Harra