Sunday, April 22, 2007

Neighbors :)

Big weekend for me this week folks. I think I've been more productive in the last two days than I have in the past month.

**side note** As I sit here typing I'm distracted by a big giant orange fuzzy cat, who was rolling around on the new rug - but stopped mid roll and fell asleep. Its kind of funny. I always chuckle when he lays in this position. Its like he just doesn't have enough strength to roll over a bit more and sleep in a normal cat pose. He must. sleep. now.

**end side note**

Saturday morning Pat left for the American Concrete Institute spring convention in Atlanta. He'll meet up with lots of our co-workers from across the US of A and officially start spreading the news of our expected bundle of joy :) That's pretty exciting!

The same time he left, I also left to go to our storage unit to receive the rest of my belongings from Mexico. Keith drove down also to pick up the couch and his bed to take it back to Saginaw. Amazingly, everything fit into our 10x10 storage unit! HOORAY! I was concerned, but it all worked out OK.

After that Keith and I went back to the homestead, and took our old blinds to the Salvation Army. Keith took a nap while I washed the windows and then started adjusting the length of the new blinds. Pat spent most of the previous week or so putting them up - and they look so smashing!

Anyway, after Keith left to head back to GR, I started to get ready for my big gig - meeting the neighbors! Our upstairs neighbor Kelly invited both of us to go out bowling with some other peeps in the area, and I gladly accepted (Pat of course, was far far away).

I had a great time! In addition to Kelly & I, we met up with two couples who live across the courtyard (Yvette & Shannon, and Sarah & Katie), one couple from the Apartments across the street (Kyle & Denise), Alicia who lives next store (and also who rescued Milo when he mysteriously escaped a few weeks ago) & Ryan who is a friend of Sarah's. We went cosmic bowling (I stunk huge) and then went to Katie & Sarah's condo for some board games and more drinks (O'Douls for me). Another couple that also lived across the courtyard met up with us there (Jen & Mary). *whew* I think that was everyone! Everyone was pretty cool, and I was having a pretty good time just hanging out and talking about my fabulous husband and impending pregnancy :) It was nice to make new friends, kwim?

I think Pat got freaked out when I told him one of the girls wanted to throw me an "alternative" baby shower. I thought it was a nice gesture to welcome the new breeder to the area :) They told me not to expect traditional gifts - maybe a rainbow onsie, a softball & mitt, and maybe an Indigo Girls tape....LOL...

Sunday was equally productive - I finished up the blinds, picked up the bedroom and cleaned out my closet so no clothing that no longer fits was in there. **side note** I had a minor crisis Saturday night when all I wanted to wear was a stinkin' T shirt to go out bowling, but didn't have ANY that even remotely fit me. So after going through half of my closet, I wanted to get rid of the evil clothing that made me feel like a sausage. They will have a new home in the storage unit. **end side note** Then I headed up to the mall to take back some jewelry that I bought for the wedding but didn't wear. I also made a stop at Mimi Maternity / Motherhood and Gap Maternity to beef up my ever decreasing wardrobe. There were only about 10,000 million people out today. It was gorgeous! At the end of my shopping spree I decided I needed to get a pedicure (cuz my feet were exposed, and they needed a little work).

Then, I was exhausted and came home and took a three hour nap!!

I still have to write out thank you notes - those HAVE to go out this week! But its already 9PM and I haven't eaten dinner yet, and to tell you the truth, all this productivity has made me sooooooooo tired. So I may just go to sleep.

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