Monday, April 09, 2007

Selling Something?

Well, I finally dragged my feet long enough. Keith brought my cute litte vibe back to Chi-Town for the wedding, and I finally had to face the facts. I MUST SELL THIS CAR. *sigh* Its so adorable, so fun, and been through so much with me in the past 18 months, that I'm seriously sad to see it go. Alas, paying $400 for the payment and insurance just doesn't make any sense when its only parked on the street.

So, Pat and I went out this weekend, cleaned it up a bit and took some photos at the back of the Target parking lot - and I listed it on If you're interested, take a look at the Ad. I also put it up on Craig's List - and probably will look into placing an ad in the Trib or Sun Times in the next week or so.

*sigh* poor poor car. I wish I could keep it. *sniff* *sniff*

Also up for sale, our TV. We put it out on Craig's list today - its a 36" Sony Wega flat screen.....but it is GIANT. Like, 500 pounds giant - and a huge pain in the ass to move. Pat wanted to keep it for our future basement, but its such a pain to find someone to help move it, I think he realized that selling would be the way to go.

His consolation? A new 52" Flat Panel Sony Bravia HDTV.

He deserves it though - he wanted to buy one back in February in time for the super bowl, and I almost had him talked into it, but we decided to wait so we could use the $$ for a nest egg instead. Well, turns out we should still have enough for the TV, to pay for the wedding, and still have some leftover to add to the nest egg fund. He used his bonus money from this year - and got a great deal on it from Circuit City - 10% off! No small amount when you're talking $475! And, because we also just got our tax returns back, we'll still be able to get a new mattress as well :) So everyone is happy!

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